How To Fix Error Installing Ios 15

Unable to install iOS 15.5 Update. Error occurred in iPhone, iPad Fixed in 2022. We have tested it on thousands of iOS devices and came up with an option to...

Unable to install iOS 15.5 Update. Error occurred in iPhone, iPad Fixed in 2022.

We have tested it on thousands of iOS devices and came up with an option to solve the issue (iOS 15 not able to install update because it’s not linked to the Internet) Unable to install iOS 15.5 Update and an Error occurred when installing iOS 15 for iPhoneand the iPad/iPod Touch. (with two buttons which say “Retry” or “Remind Me Later”) on the screen. In the final moments, are you experiencing unidentified issues with your device , however you know that your Friends or Family device installed iOS 15 successfully? This isn’t right for you. But there are certain software problems within your device and pre-defined solutions apple do not provide the precise cause on your iOS device’s screen when this occurs.

In the present the time of writing, more than 15 iOS updates available but none are free of bugs. However, iPhone users are blessed that they are able to fix the most difficult issues by themselves. Some users are taking advantage of iOS 15 on iPhone and others are in a position to not install iOS 15 on iPhone.

The problem is that we don’t know what’s the reason of not being able for updating the iPhone however we do are aware of how to fix the issue. By following our suggested workarounds, you iPhone can be upgraded install iOS 15. Check out the tutorial what we have learned below. These are the main points to follow in when trying to fix our self, without wasting time or money.

iOS 15 includes the most up-to-date Security corrections and fixes an issue in which iPhone models equipped with Touch ID cannot unlock a connected Apple Watch using the Unlock using iPhone feature.

Why is there an error Installation iOS 15? Here’s How to Fix It

Put Device in Airplane Mode

Begin by turning on Airplane mode in the iPhone or iPad. By doing this, you will be able to disconnect all network connections to resolve the network-related issue, if there is one.

To do this, open the Settings and turn on the toggle in the middle of airplane mode. The airplane icon will show in the bar of status. Take a moment. After that, switch off the switch.


After that, simply start then your iPhone and iPad. Sometimes you will see you will see the “Unable to install” error will be gone after restarting the device. To restart simply hold the physical keys i.e. the Power button and Volume down together. Or, go to Settings > General > ShutdownWhen the screen is black Press the Power button to turn on the device on.

Remove SIM

iPhone users on different forums claim that re-inserting their SIM tray solved issue with iOS 15 not installing issue. To do this, take out your SIM tray and place it back.

Check Wi-Fi

This method is usually useful if you’re experiencing this “Unable to verify update” error. However, it can also be used in other cases, such as “Unable to install iOS 15”.

You can try these solutions for Wi-Fi:

Restart your router, as the problem could be with the router as well.

Switch off Wi-Fi and try installing the update via cellular network.

Try a different Wi-Fi network.

Disable Hotspot

If you’re connected to an wireless hotspot then disconnect from it while you update the software on your iPhone or iPad. Connect to a regular Wi-Fi network instead.

Check Network Connection

The iOS update is also dependent on an internet connection that is stable. The download of the update could be stopped due to the weak Internet connection, and you will receive an “Unable to Installing iOS 16” error message.

You can disable or turn on Wi-Fi, or switch off or turn on Airplane Mode to refresh the Internet. Additionally, you can try to reset the network settings by entering the SettingsGeneral > General > ResetReset Network SettingsEnter the password again, then connect to the Wi-Fi network and try the update.

Update Your Device via iTunes

If none of the above solutions do not help you eliminate this “Unable to Install Update – An Error Occurred Installing iOS 16” message You can try to upgrade to iOS 16 on either your iPhone or iPad through iTunes.

  1. Install and download the latest version of iTunes on your personal computer.
  2. Start iTunes and connect your device.
  3. Click the devicetab and then Summary> Click the “Check for Update”button.

The Bottom Line

Utilizing the downloader and AnyFix it is an easy method to resolve the issue with an error which occurred when while installing iOS. It is likely that you can upgrade iOS 15 to the earlier versions of iOS by using AnyFix. If you found this article helpful and helpful, please share it with others. Also, you are welcome to share your suggestions for how to address this issue If you come across more effective solutions.

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