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How To Fix Access Denied On this Server

Windows 10 users – we’ve all been there. You’re on your computer and then you receive an error message that reads “Access denied You don’t have permission to connect to the server”. There are a variety of reasons why this happens, like the server was taken off the internet, the URL has changed or the host could have disabled access through the VPN.

Whatever the cause is, it’s difficult access specific websites when you require them the most. Here are some ideas to address the issue and go back to work in a hurry.

What can I do to solve this Access Denied error?

To get rid of this Access Denied error, disable the VPN Software. Try clearing the browser’s cache or data from a particular website in Firefox and reset the browser. If none of these solutions help you, disable VPN extensions, or choose an expensive VPN service.

Access Refused, You do not have access permission

The problem arises when Firefox utilizes various proxy settings, or VPN, instead of the ones you set in the Windows computer. If the website determines there’s some issue on your network, browser cookies or cookies, etc. It blocks your access to.

Here are some suggestions to consider if you encounter this issue with Firefox.

Clear Everything regarding the website

Turn off VPN or VPN Extensions

Disable Proxy

Use a Premium VPN Service

Clean all information for an individual website in Firefox

Reset Browser

Similar functions can be accomplished in other browsers too.

1. Clear Everything About the website

Start Firefox and then hold CTRL + H

Find the entry for the website in its history. Then, click it to right-click.

Choose to forget about this site.

This deletes all information such as the history, cache, and cookies as well as passwords. If you’ve got an account password or other important website information, make sure you save it. If not, you can use an alternative method of clean the cache of your browser.

2] Turn off VPN or VPN Extensions

If you’re making use of VPN software and have also installed a third-party VPN extension within Firefox switch it off. After turning it off Firefox is able to pass whatever’s configured on your computerand you’ll be able access it. The extensions are easy to switch on and off to assist you in determining the issue.

3. Turn off Proxy in the browser.

If you don’t have a VPN extension, you need to verify your proxy settings in your browser.

Start Firefox and hit the Menu button (three lines)

Select Options. You can also input “about:preferences” within the address bar and launch it.

Then, under General > Network Proxy, Click on the Settings button.

Then, you can be able to open Connection Settings and select “Use the proxy settings of your system”.

This will ensure that Firefox is now using exactly the same settings for network as those you have set on your Windows PC. The removal of all proxy servers from your configuration can ensure certain that there’s nothing connecting the internet and your computer.

4] Use a Premium VPN Service

There are numerous free VPN services you can make use of. But, it is advised to choose an expensive VPN service that keeps you secure and place no restrictions on what you can access. If the website detects that the fact that you’re using an unblocking VPN however, it will not allow access to the website.

But, if you are using the premium VPN service, web sites are going to have a difficult of identifying and blocking access to the VPN IP. It is possible to think of the possibility of a private VPN service which allows you to connect to the websites.

6. Clear Your Browser Data

It is also possible to delete the browsing history in order to fix the Access Denied problem on this server. This makes the browser believe that you haven’t been to the server/website in question previously. Here’s how to clean out the browser’s information:

For Chrome:

Click the keys Ctrl, Shift and Delto bring up an open-ended window from Chrome Settings to clear the browser’s history. Or, click the three dots that are in the upper-right corner of the browser. Settings > Privacy and Security > Clearing Browsing Data

Simply click on “All time”from in the Timing interval dropdown menu.

Make sure to check the boxes that are marked to allow the history of browsing, Cookies and other site information and cached images.

Click on the Data Clear Data button


Start your Mozilla Firefox browser and click on the menu button that is located in the upper-right corner.

Choose the Options or type about preference in your address bar, then press Enter. key to enter. key.

Choose from the privacy & Security tab and continue scrolling until you are in the site data and cookies area. After that, select Clear Data. clear Data option.

Select Cookies and Site Data and Cache.

Then, press next to click the Cleanbutton and wait until your browser clears its information.

Check the server in question to determine if the issue is now resolved.

Microsoft Edge:

Open the Edge browser.

Select the menu icon that is located in the upper-right corner. then click on the Settings. Or, type the address of edge://settings into the address field and press on the key to enter. key.

Choose on the Cookies and Site Permissions tab, then click the Manage and delete cookies as well as the site information button found on the right.

Click on the link which says “Show all cookies” and site-related data. You’ll be taken to a different page.

Then, press next to click the remove button. A pop-up will pop out with a message warning. Take a look at the warning, and click Clear if you wish to continue.

Visit the website which displayed the error to determine if the access denied issue on this server issue has been resolved.


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