How To Find Lost Android Phone (5 Ways)

We have received many questions like these from readers who have lost their phones. We have created a comprehensive guide on how to find a lost smartphone. It doesn’t really matter if...

We have received many questions like these from readers who have lost their phones. We have created a comprehensive guide on how to find a lost smartphone. It doesn’t really matter if your phone is an iPhone or Android. It is possible to track it. You will need the right tools to find it. After I lost my iPhone, I looked into tracking lost cell phones. Let’s continue and learn more about the lost cell phone tracker.

FamiSafe – Lost Phone Tracker

FamiSafe has a highly sensitive, live-location function that can locate a lost iPhone or Android phone remotely. However, you must have installed it on the phone. This is especially helpful for children who lose their phones. This allows you to quickly find the exact location.

Follow these simple steps to track a lost smartphone using FamiSafe

  1. FamiSafe can be installed on the phones of both parents and children.
  2. Register for a FamiSafe Account within the App.Register on your smartphone or your child’s phone. Both devices can use the same account.
  3. Famisafe allows you to connect and monitor your child’s smartphone from your parent’s device.Please specify the device type you want to track and add additional information. Set up some settings for both parents’ and kids’ phones.
  4. FamiSafe is the best parental control app. It can be used for screen time control, location tracking, web filtering, app blocking and more.FamiSafe can be used to locate your device if it is lost.
  5. The “Live Location” option can be found on the left panel.This will give you the current location and past location records.

Find my Device by Google – Track a lost device

You can use the Find my Device feature on Android to locate your device. This feature was developed by Google. It can be used remotely to locate the Android phone that has been lost. This is what I use whenever I need to locate my lost phone. These steps will show you how to locate a lost Android phone.

  1. Go to Play Store and install the “Find my Device” app on your phone.
  2. Alternativly, you can go to Settings > Security on your device and enable Remotely Locate this Device.
  3. Now, whenever you wish to locate your device, go to Google’s Find my Device website ( and log in to the Google account that is linked to the device.
  4. Choose the device you want to track.It will be automatically located by the interface.
  5. Zoom in to see the exact location.You can also remotely lock, ring, or wipe the device.

Fine iPhone Lost with Find My iPhone by Apple

Apple offers a seamless solution for tracking down your lost iPhone, similar to Google. Find my iPhone is an exclusive service that will help you find your stolen or lost device. These steps will show you how to locate a lost iPhone.

  1. First, open your device’s iCloud Settings. Next, tap on “Find My iPhone”.To locate your device remotely, turn the feature on.
  2. You can now track your iPhone’s location by going to the official website. Log in to the account linked to your iPhone.
  3. Launch the “Find my iPhone!” interface from the welcome screen.
  4. Choose the device you want to locate from the dropdown menu.
  5. It will show you where it is located along with other features.

Track your Android smartphone with the IMEI number.

You can track your Android phone using the IMEI number by downloading a third-party IMEI tracking application, such as IMEI Tager-Find my Device. We recommend this method as your last resort. Google’s Find My Device is the best method to locate a lost Android phone.

An IMEI number, a combination of 15 numbers that is unique to your smartphone only, is a unique 15-number combination. It stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity and can be found in the About section. Keep the IMEI handy when you buy a new Android.

Knowing your IMEI number is a great tool if your Android phone ever gets stolen or lost. In the event that the IMEI number is ever found, you can report it to authorities. You can also block the number to prevent anyone else from registering the phone.

Track your Android phone via your manufacturer.

You don’t need a Google account to find your Android phone. There are still ways to locate it! Many Androids come with a tracking app that can help you locate your phone if it’s lost. Let’s take Samsung phones as an example. Samsung Android phones come with a feature called Find My Mobile that works the same as Google’s Find My Device. You can track your phone online or through their app if the setting is enabled.

This setting should always be on. This will allow you to find the last known location of your phone. You can use the same capabilities as Google but with a few additional features. You can backup your phone, retrieve calls and messages, and even extend your battery life with Find My Mobile.

Connect your Android phone to your Google account.

This is the easiest way to locate your Android phone that has been lost. This is also the easiest way to find a lost Android. Google owns Android so all Android devices come pre-installed with certain Google apps, such as Google Maps, Gmail and the Google Play Store.

It’s easy to find your Android if you log into your Google account from your web browser. Go to Google using your web browser. Next, type “find Android” or “Where is my phone”.

The map will show the location of your Android’s last known location as the first search result. You can search from Google’s Search My Device page if you’re not signed in to Google, or if you’re using a friend’s computer.

There are several things you can do once you have located your missing Android. Let’s suppose your phone is located somewhere in your home but you are still unable to find it. Even if your phone is set to silent, you can still turn the ringer on. While you search for your phone, it will ring for five seconds.

You can lock your phone if your phone isn’t at home and you have to pick it up somewhere. Set a password that you only can unlock on your Android. This can be a password phrase, pin, or pattern.

Send a message to the phone for anyone who has found it. You can also add a number to be called or a public address for you to pick up the phone.

If you don’t think you will be able to find your phone or it has been stolen, you can wipe all data from your phone. This option should only be used as a last resort. You won’t be capable of finding the phone again after it is wiped. Also, don’t forget that if your SD card is on your phone, wiping it will not erase the data.


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