How To Encrypt & Decrypt Files On Android (2 Ways)

From gorgeous beach selfies to the email attachments we have phones are the perfect place to store every one of our big and small personal data, as well as...
How To Encrypt & Decrypt Files On Android (2 Ways)

From gorgeous beach selfies to the email attachments we have phones are the perfect place to store every one of our big and small personal data, as well as everything else we cherish and enjoy when we’re on the move. However, we all have that creepy hunter friend who won’t give up a single opportunity to have access to our smartphones and play around with every single thing we do not want them to view. Although we can stop our loved ones from accessing private data on your smartphone by not handing over our phones over to them however it’s not as difficult to block other applications and web-based services from accessing our files and other personal data that are stored on our smartphones.

Whatever the situation the fact is that it would be beneficial to secure the folders and files that we store on an Android device in order to stop the creepy person from accessing your private images and beach selfies, or preventing other apps from accessing the files. All you need is an app that will ensure that all your files are secure and encrypted on your phone. When the files are secured, they will not be accessible in other applications like Gallery, Photos, any video player, or in any other. You can therefore enjoy absolute privacy if you adhere to the procedure to secure your files and other data in your Android device.

Utilize a third-party app to encrypt and decrypt files on Android

To secure certain documents on an Android device, utilize an Third Party app to Encrypt and decrypt your files. To test this method simply follow the steps below.

Before starting the procedure, the user has to download the application Andrognito clicking the download button to the left.

When the app is installed it is necessary to access it via the drawer of the app.

The first time the user must sign up by entering his name and 4-digit PIN, which will ensure that his information is safe from intrusion

Done? Tap the arrow for on to the next screen.

You must enter a 4-digit PIN a second time to confirm the operation.

It will ask you a security question in the event you forget your PIN.

You will be presented with the page on which you need to input an address for the vault along with the four-digit PIN number for the vault.

Press the Pink button once you are completed.

Now , you can add and then encrypt files into in the vault using the ” +” icon.

You can upload multiple files at the same time.

Once you’ve transferred the files, click the lock button. the”lock button in the upper right-hand corner to lock the files.

There will be an orange button that has tick marks to signify that the file was successfully transferred and then encrypted.

You can be confident that your information is secure and will not be misused.

Decrypt Files Using Andrognito 2.

To decrypt files with Andrognito 2, follow the steps in the following steps.

Install Andrognito 2. in the app drawer on the Android Smartphone.

You will now have to enter your 4-digit PIN into your bank vault.

Then you’ll find a list of all the files that you’ve encrypted previously.

Select the name of the files you wish to decrypt for a period of time.

You will see you can select the desired file, tap the Unlockbutton located in the upper right-hand corner of the app.

Your files have been encrypted and you are now able to access them from the place they were stored prior to encryption. It will be possible to access them like normal files as you had previously been able to access in the past.

How To Encrypt & Decrypt Files On Android?

With Built-in Options to Encrypt and Decrypt Files

Users can easily Encrypt and Decrypt files with Android Phones through the settings of the device, without having to install an external application. If you want to try this technique, Encrypt & Decrypt files on your Android Phone, follow the instructions given below.

Open Settings on your device.

Scroll through the list until you see security.

Click on Security to make it open.

You’ll see two choices under the encryptionsub-heading which include Encrypt your deviceand Encrypt your external memory card.

When you click on the option you want to use then you will be taken to the following page.

As the website states it, you should connect your mobile to the charger, as the process can be time-consuming.

It is also necessary to create the password lock as screen lock for your device.

Then you are finally able to secure your external SD card or device.

After that, press the Encrypt devicebutton at the bottom of the screen to begin the process.

You can pick the options that match your preferences.

After that, press the Encrypt devicebutton at the bottom of the screen to begin the process.

You will now see a progress indicator.

The device will restart several times throughout the process. It could take up to one hours to finish the procedure based on the amount of information saved.

You won’t be able to access your mobile while the procedure is in progress. Your data is not usable and may be damaged should the process be stopped. Make sure that your battery is at or near 80 percent charged prior to you begin the process. You will be informed as soon as the process is completed.

Decrypt Files Using Settings

The process of decrypting your phone is just the same as encryption was. The process of decrypting your phone is easy to follow. Follow these steps to decrypt the data on your Android device.

Open Settings in your device.

Scroll through the list until you see the Security.

Click on Security to unlock it.

There is a option to decrypt the option in the encryption sub-heading.

Tap it.

You will see a screen similar to the one you saw prior to Encryption informing users to connect their phone with the charging.

Tap on then the Decrypt Phone choice on the lower right on the display.

Your phone will now start up several times and return to you the original phone with all data in tact. It can take a while according to how much data you have.

Note:If you are unable to view that the option to decrypt Phoneoption and you are not able to see the Decrypt Phoneoption, then you may have to reset the factory data on your phone. To reset your phone factory go over to settings > backup and resetand click on the Factory reset dataoption on the lower right of the page. The process itself is easy. You must ensure that the battery has at minimum 80 percent charge prior to beginning your process..

When locking a file permits you to add an extra layer of protection before anyone can access the files, encryption provides additional security as it covers them with an indestructible encryption. If you want to protect your files and secure, encryption is the most effective method to ensure that only ones who will ever see they will be those who you would like to see them.


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