How To duplicate a Page in Word

Although it’s not as popular like, PowerPoint but there are many reasons to learn what you can do to create a duplicate page using Microsoft Word. For instance, you could...

Although it’s not as popular like, PowerPoint but there are many reasons to learn what you can do to create a duplicate page using Microsoft Word. For instance, you could be making a template, or writing a document that requires particular formatting.

Copying pages in Word is easy, however it differs slightly based on the type of document you’ve got and your goals. There’s a slight difference in the process depending on the type of document you’re using, whether it’s an individual page or a multi-page documents, as an example.

Today we’ll cover how to duplicate a page using Word for single or multi-page documents as well in how to create a blank page for what you’d like to do.

How to Add a Blank Page or Page Break in Word

If you’d like to create a blank page within your document, rather than replicating an existing page The process is simple. Alternately, you can add the page break that will break up the existing document. Here’s how:

Start by opening your “Insert” tab in your Word ribbon. Click “Pages > Blank Page”

The “Pages” button at the bottom left side of your Word ribbon. This will add the new page of Word in the lower right corner of the current document.

How do you insert an end of page break

If you’d like to break the content you already have You can place the cursor exactly where you’d like to break it and then press “Insert” in the ribbon. Then, you can select “Pages > Page Break”.

Modify your split or blank page according to your own personal preferences.

How to Duplicate a Single Page in Word

If you’re looking to duplicate a page in Microsoft Word and place it within the same document, or in another document, follow this process of copy and paste:

With using the mouse, draw all the text on the page you’d like to duplicate. Use the mouse to highlight all of the text on the page you want to.

If you see blank spaces towards the bottom on the paper, be sure you highlight those spaces also.

Use the keys CtrlC to copy the highlighted text on the page.

Select Insert > Blank Page. This will create a blank page at the bottom the Word document.

Place the cursor inside the document in which you would like your duplicated document to appear. For instance, if you would like the duplicated page of the document to become the second page in the document, put your mouse cursor at in the upper right corner of your second page. Then hit CtrlVto paste the page. This will put the duplicated document on another document’s second page and then move the second page to that third webpage.

If you would like to copy the duplicated page to the end by placing the cursor in the middle of your blank document, and click CtrlV.

How to Duplicate a Page in Word Using Macros

If you require duplicates of more than one document in Word You can simplify the procedure through developing a macro within Word.

Utilizing a macro such as this to duplicate multiple pages is ideal for documents where you’ve designed an application form or a templated document that you want to duplicate across multiple pages.

In the Word document that contains the page you wish to copy open click “View” > Macros > View Macros.

On the Macros window, type in the names of your macro, then choose the option to create.

The code box Paste this code into the window:

Page = InputBox(“Enter the Page to Duplicate”)
Count = InputBox(“Enter the number of times that you want to replicate”)
With Selection
.GoTo Page, wdGoToAbsolute, Page
For i = 1 To Count: .Paste: Next
End With

Select the save icon , then end the window. Return to the window for document creation, choose Macro > Macro > View Macros.

Within the Macros window, choose the Run option to begin the macro.

This script asks you which page to duplicate, as well as what number of duplicates to make.

This script duplicates the page you’ve selected , the number of times you’ve chosen. These duplicates will then be added to close of document.

How to duplicate an Page in Word with the help of a PDF Editor

If you’re than interested in duplicate pages of the final document you print, Adobe PDF Editors typically offer greater flexibility.

If you convert your Word document into a PDF, you are able to easily duplicate pages with the most well-known PDF editors.

In the purpose of this article, PDF Element Pro was utilized.

Choose “File” Select File Save as and then change the type of file to PDF. Give the file the name you like.

Download the PDF file with the PDF editor you prefer. Many PDF editors provide thumbnail views, where you will view a thumbnail for each page in the document. Right-click on the thumbnail on the document you wish to duplicate and choose “Copy”.

Scroll down to the part of the document you’d like to add the duplicate page. Right-click the document you’d like to place the page following selecting Copy.

It will then insert the copied page this position within the document.

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