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How To Convert Youtube To Gif

GIFs work well to use with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, email, iMessage Twitter and Docs. However, how do you make an exact part of an YouTube video into a GIF?

In this article I’ll show you the most efficient method to create the GIF from the YouTube video. It can be used with any phone, computer or tablet. It’s completely free and you don’t have to install any application or software.

Can be converted from the YouTube video to GIF?

Yes you can convert an YouTube video into animation GIF. There are a variety of online tools that allow you to convert the video. In addition there are several programs that can be used on your desktop to convert YouTube videos into animated GIFs. We’ve provided a list of free options in this article.

How can I create an GIF from YouTube videos without cost?

To make an GIF from YouTube videos free of charge, make use of online tools like,, and GifRun. All of these are online free tools that allow the conversion from YouTube into animated GIFs. In addition you can utilize Any Video Converter for the similar purpose. It is a free application on Windows 10/11.

Step 1: Paste URL to YouTube Video

Start the Kapwing Tool to Convert Videos and copy the URL of the YouTube video you wish to convert into GIF. Kapwing can handle all videos less than 30 minutes, and smaller than 500 MB. Also, it doesn’t have a watermark.

In this instance I’m trying to convert a scene from a David Dobrik video and I copied and pasted this URL into Kapwing.

Import YouTube videos from an URL

Take note that Kapwing is also able to accept other kinds of URLs such as those that originate from Vimeo, Google Drive, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram and many other sources. You may also upload your own MP4 file or MOV file or video recorded from your mobile.

Step 2: convert an entire section of video into GIF

When your video is loaded within the editor Studio, you’ll be able to see the entire video layer appearing within the timeline.

Utilize the sliders at the right to cut the portion you wish to convert into the format of a GIF. I suggest you look through the video to locate the section you are looking for and make use of”Split” to cut it out “Split” button in order to trim off the portions of the end and beginning.

It is easy to turn any length video to GIF. GIF but you should try to convert footage which is not more than 10 seconds in length. If your video is longer than 10 seconds in length the GIF might end up being as pixelated or have low resolution.

After you’ve cut the video after which you can look at your GIF to see how the final output will look like. There are other editing options you can make including changing the speed of your video, cropping it, or even adding text overlays. I have slowed down my GIF to appear in slow-motion.

When your GIF is done you can click the dropdown arrow to”Export” to save it “Export” option to store it in GIF. GIF.

To ensure that the GIF outputs at a reasonable frame-rate I suggest cutting your video down to about 10 seconds prior to converting it into an GIF. It is important to note that GIFs are not equipped with any audio, which means that they will appear silenced. If you’d like to include the sound into your GIF it is necessary to convert it to MP4.

When you’re on an iPad, iPhone or Android phone You can convert the YouTube video clip into the format of a GIF with the help of Kapwing. To create an YouTube GIF using an iPhone you need to open Safari and go towards Kapwing’s Convert Tool and then copy your URL for your YouTube video. Utilize the timeline to alter the duration for the GIF and locate it under the “Export in GIF” option within the Export menu.

Step 3: Export and Share GIF

Once you’ve picked the section you’d like to view then click the dropdown menu right next to”the green “Export” option. Select “Export in GIF” to process your newly converted GIF.

Once the GIF is saved, you can you can save your GIF by pressing the Download button, or pressing long-press when you’re using a phone or tablet. If you’re not registered with an account with a Kapwing accounts, sign in or create an account with the account you have on Google or Facebook account. Once you’ve registered for an Kapwing account and the watermark is in the left-hand corner of your screen will disappear from the final GIF.

Be aware that GIFs are not compatible on Instagram! If you’re trying to upload the GIF via Instagram, download it in MP4 format instead. If the GIF image isn’t big Try making a change to give it lower resolution. Hit “Edit” to return and make any additional adjustments.


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