How To Compress Images, Audio, Video Files On Android

Sending a video of an hour to a person via phone could take several hours, based on the size of the video. It not only costs your time but also...
How To Compress Images, Audio, Video Files On Android

Sending a video of an hour to a person via phone could take several hours, based on the size of the video. It not only costs your time but also consumes an enormous amount out of the Internet plan. You can, however, easily compress the videos using your Android phone with an app for video compression.

HTML0 What is Video Compression and How Does It Perform?

At its most basic level video compression is the process of encoded video files to use less space as the file originally. It’s done by removing the redundant and unnecessary elements, like images, sounds, scenes and more. from the video file.

If you are using an application for compression of video, it will look at each of the pixels within the frame of a video and put the identical ones into one larger block, which will compress the video frame. In the event that you’re running an old video compression software that isn’t up to date, it could result in bloated and unnatural video clips.

This process is carried out making use of various algorithms known as video codecs. Modern codecs such as H.264, H.265, and VP9 are created to control the amount of compression, however they do not compromise quality. After the compression has been completed the file size of the video file will alter based on the codec used.

The algorithms focus on modifying the properties of your video in the following ways:

Resolution If you have a video in 4K which you would like to show on a 1080p display You can reduce the resolution of the file without sacrificing any quality. A 4K frame is larger than 8M pixels, whereas the FHD also known as 1080p is only 2M. Also you can reduce the resolution of a 4K movie by four times without the risk of screen-tearing.

Data Ratio This is how much data displayed on your screen per second. By reducing the rate, you will reduce the size of the file by a substantial amount.

Aspect Ratios when reducing the resolution of the video compression codecs will ensure that the ratio stays the same. If not, the picture may appear stretched or squashed when displayed on an average 16:9 screen.

How to compress Videos using Video Compressor Converter

Video Compressor is a great application for reducing size of your video of the Android device. It was developed in collaboration with Technozer Solution which has more than 1 million downloads and a review that is 4.6 stars. It only requires 23MB of storage but comes with several options to reformat, resize and shrink the size of the file. Find out how to use it here:

Download the Video Compressor application from the Google Play Store and launch it.

When the app has installed, press the “Start” button to access the dashboard.

Allow the application for access to your mobile’s data by pressing “Allow Storage Access” and “Allow” in the next dialog that pops up.

(If you’re not able to access the Allow Storage Access option does not appear for you Don’t fret. It will show up when you start compressing your video.)

The app comes with a variety of tools, including the image compression tool, a video trimming tool, video cropping video-to-MP3 conversion tool, and many more. To compress video files simply tap on the Video “Compressor.”

If the media gallery comes up, choose a video or file that is in it. You can also go into”Browse” tab “Browse” tab and click on the Browse Video button to select the video that you would like to compress.

Video Format

File Size


Click on the “Compress” button at the lower right of your screen.

Give your video a name file and then click “Start.”

The app will then apply the modifications to your video and decrease the size. This could take some time.

After the process is completed after which you are able to transfer the video to different applications or save the video to your gallery.

How to compress files on Android. ?

Users can compress any type of folder or file with the two techniques described above. It could comprise a file with audio, document video file or image file.

Install Androzip’s free File Manager.

It’s a free File Manager and Archive Manager available on the Google Play Store. It allows you to easily Compress files on an Android phone without having to connect them to a computer. The first step is to download it using this download link.

Launch the app via the menu on your phone.

When the app is opened it will show you that the user interface similar to the file manager on your phone.

Then, go to the place in which the desired file or folder is stored that you want to compress.

Enter the name of the folder or file for a while and the options be displayed.

In addition to that There is a choice ‘ Create Zip’.

Click to the Create Zip button for the option to compress your file.

You will now notice a progress bar showing how far the procedure has progressed.

Once the process is complete, you will be able to see an identical file that has the same name with a .zip extension right beneath the file you originally downloaded.

You’ve successfully compressed your files and folders on Android with the help of Androzip The File Manager.

By Installing ES File Explorer

Another great option to help users compress files by using ES File Explorer in their Android Smartphones only. Follow the steps below to Compress Files/Folders by using ES File Explorer.

‘The first step is to first download ES File Explorer for free at no cost by clicking the link below.

Navigate to the location where the desired folder or file is stored.

Choose the file or folder with a single click for a certain duration until a tick appears on it.

Then, tap three vertical dots that are aligned vertically in the upper right-hand corner of the app.

An option list will be displayed with an option called Compressoption.

Click to the Compress button.

A dialog box will pop up asking for various options for example, Compression format. The user can also set an encryption password for the file.

Modify the settings you prefer.

Tap, OK.

There is an progress bar showing the how far the process has progressed.

Once the process is finished, you’ll be able to see a file with the same name and in the same compressed format at the same place. This is the compressed file.

The user is able to compress the folder or file with the help of ES File Explorer.

How To Compress Videos on Android. ?

The camera quality on Android phones is growing, also are the sizes of videos they capture. It’s difficult to save videos of this huge size on an Android phone until you frequently upgrade to larger memory cards. To assist users in compressing video to make them easily stored on Android phones, follow these steps below.

Install and download the application called Video Compress by clicking on the download button to the right.

After you have downloaded the app you can open it via the menu on your Android phone.

Import videos from the integrated gallery within the application.

When the import is completed, you’ll be presented with a variety of options to make with your video.

Press onto Compress Video.

There are also a variety of quality options to compress the video file.

Select the grade you prefer.

You will now notice a progress bar showing the progress of the process.

You can now easily upload the video to social networks or save it on your device.

How to compress images on Android?

We all have lots of pictures stored on an Android phones. This means that it takes up storage space and requires us to purchase larger memory cards for storage. We will list some methods to compress images on an Android phone.

With the help of Photoczip Compress Resize.

This app is that is available on the Google Play Store. It is easy to compress images for Android using this application. Follow the steps given below.

Download the application by clicking the download button to the right.

Launch the app as quickly when it is installed.

Upload the picture from your desired place.

You can select the image using the arrow keys for a period of amount of time.

Then , you’ll be able to see the Compress button at the lower left corner.

Click the the Compress button.

You will now notice an Progress bar.

Through the Use of Photo & Picture Resizer.

Download the application by clicking the download button to the right.

Launch the app using the menu once the installation has been completed.

After that, you can import the picture to the desired place.

Once the picture is open when the image opens, press the button shown in the image below, to compress the image.

Select from the drop-down menu of dimensions.

Select the desired size You’re completed.

You will be informed when compression has been completed.

These are ways that to compress files using your Android phone without computers. Be sure to inform us the method you employed in order to Compress Files.


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