How To Clone/Install Same App Twice On Android

Are you looking to install the exact same app twice on Android? This post is for the you. This post will show you how to install the exact same app twice...

Are you looking to install the exact same app twice on Android? This post is for the you. This post will show you how to install the exact same app twice on Android.

You can create an android app clone by using multiple methods. A built-in tool can be used to create an app copy. However, not all smartphones have the ability to install the exact same app twice. There are many apps available on the Play Store to help you do this. We will be covering four different methods to install the same app twice in this post.

App cloning is a popular tool for people who use social media apps. You can also use it for other applications. One app can be used for work, and another one for reference. Installing the same app twice has many benefits.

Parallel Space-Multiple accounts and Two faces

Parallel Space is a top-ranked Android app cloning tool. Parallel Space allows you to clone multiple apps and manage them all with one account. You can also use themes to show off your personal style. Parallel Space is secure as it has an Incognito Installation feature that allows you to install a dual app once-only. The app supports 24 languages.

System Requirement Varies depending on device

How do you clone an Android app using Parallel Space?

  • First, Download Parallel Space to your device. After you have run the app, you will be taken to the “Clone Apps” section.
  • Click on the ‘Add App” option. Click on the ‘Add to Parallel space’ button. This will create a clone.
  • To start using the app, open the cloned one and sign in to it.

2 Accounts

2Accounts is a handy app cloning tool. This ensures that two instances of the exact same app run in parallel. Both accounts’ data will be kept separate. You will not miss any notifications from either account because they will be running in a different environment.

System RequirementAndroid 4.x and Up

How do you clone an Android app using 2Accounts?

  • Download to install 2Accounts on you device. You can open the app to select the app you wish to clone, such as WhatsApp.
  • Click on “Enable”. The following screen will appear. Click on the app that you wish to open. Click on the ‘+ sign to add additional apps.

Go Multiple

This allows you to install another copy of the same application, just like it was a different one. The icon is enclosed in a white box to distinguish it from its original. The second copy of the icon contains the user account data separately. Get Go Multiple from Play Store.

Lucky Patcher

This application has one problem. It is not compatible with all Android applications. You will have to try your luck. Its operation is very simple. Simply select the app you wish to clone. You will see a menu where you can select the app that you want to clone. This will create a new application on your SD card.

Install The Dame Spp Twice Using Apk Editor

Apk Editor App: List of Things You Will Need

You have some free space on your smartphone

Apk Editor app.

Apk Editor patch app.

Clone App Apk

Both applications are not available in the Play Store. Please authorize apps from outside the Play Store to be installed on your Android. If you are not familiar with the process:

Settings is your place.


Unknown sources.

Follow these steps to install the same app twice on Android.

Step 1. Download Apk Editor app by clicking download.

Step 2. Download Apk Editor app. Next, open the app.

Step 3.  Take a tour through the app. Now, close the app.

Step 4. Get Apk Editor Patch by clicking on download

Step 5. Download Apk Editor Patch app. You will be asked to replace the old one. Please allow this.

Step 6. Now, place the apk file of the app in the storage you want to install twice.

Step 7. Open App Editor app.

Step 8. Now locate the apk file for the app that you want to install twice on the phone.

 Step 9. Great!

Step 10 Long-press on the app’s name to display a list with options.

Step 11. Tap on Clone.

Step 12. Next, name the Cloned version apk, give it a name, and then press OK. It will take some time but it will be worth it.

Step 13 Open a file manager, locate and install the cloned apk

You can use the built-in feature of your Android phone

You can run multiple accounts on the same Android phone at once with some Android phones. Dual Messenger is a feature found on Samsung smartphones. Here are the steps to use it.

Open the Settings app for your Android phone.

Open the Dual Messenger option. This option is found in Samsung’s Advanced Features. Look for the dual apps option if you own a Xiaomi Mi or Redmi smartphone.

You will now see a list with all the apps that support dual-installing. Click the button to clone the app. After that, click the Installation button and you’re done.

This will create an additional copy of the app for your Android phone, which you can use to sign in to another account. You will see the cloned application in your app drawer. The app icons will allow you to distinguish between the original and the cloned apps. You’ll see a dual stamp on the icon of the cloned application.

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