How To Change WiFi MAC Address On Android

An Media Access Control address (MAC) is the address assigned to all devices that have an internet connection. One method to protect your security and privacy can be to alter...
How To Change WiFi MAC Address On Android

An Media Access Control address (MAC) is the address assigned to all devices that have an internet connection. One method to protect your security and privacy can be to alter the MAC address. If you own a root Android smartphone, it are able to change your MAC address for the duration of time. If you own an older device that is not rooted it is possible modify your MAC address until the device is restarted. However, the majority of modern Android devices or Samsung Galaxy devices will not permit you to alter the MAC address, with out rooting your device. This wikiHow will show the steps to alter your MAC address when you have rooted your device, or temporarily change the MAC address on a non-rooted device.

What is MAC Address or WiFi MAC Address?

The Media Access Control address (MAC address) is a unique 12-character identification number assigned to a particular device, for example, the network adapter on the WiFi gadget you are using. In simple terms the MAC address is used to be able to identify an Android phone when connected to the Internet or local network.

Why do you think it is important to alter it?

The primary reason is security. Anyone connected to the local Ethernet network could easily access your MAC address by using simple tools. This allows hackers to be able to track your devices (and consequently the information you). This can be a risk if you’re connected to an open wireless network (hotels airports, hotels and certain coffee shops have free WiFi nowadays).

If your primary MAC address is publicly exposed, hackers can make use of it to impersonate you! In numerous internet networks, your access can be limited according to IP address. If you disconnect hackers can take your MAC address and connect to the network under the name of ‘you’.

If you’d like to join the network, but it is restricted to users based on MAC address you may modify the MAC address of the device you wish to gain access to (with an MAC address that actually does have access) and connect to the network.

Internet Service Providers usually use utilize your MAC address to determine the internet service provider and verify your connection. If your internet connection stops functioning and you need to buy a new one it could not function because the new card has a brand new address for MAC. Instead of contacting your ISP to change the MAC address, you can simply change the new card’s MAC address with your old network card’s address and begin using it immediately!

How to Find MAC Address on Android Devices

It is assumed that the person who found on this page by way of Google search is aware of the MAC address locations on his device. But, if you’re not sure how to locate the MAC address on your device, you can find it in Settings > About phone.

On Samsung Galaxy devices: Open device Settings> About phone or About deviceStatus> WiFi MAC Address.

On Onplus devices: Settings> System> About phone> Status> WiFi MAC Address.

After we’ve finished by the “What” “How” and “Why’ section, let’s begin to get serious.

Change MAC Address or WiFi MAC Address on Android

There are two methods to alter the MAC address of your Android device:

Without Root Access.

With Root Access



Both are relatively easy to implement. We’ll look at both methods in greater detail, one-by-one in the following paragraphs.

Checking Root Availability

If you’ve never been familiar with the term “Root previously, I highly doubt that you have a root on your phone. Even if you’re certain that you’ve been able to root on your device, which is a security measure, we’ll take the time to verify the root status once. To confirm the root’s availability you need to install Root Checker from the Google Play Store: root checker application on the Google Play Store:

The application is free and quite basic. After opening, click on “Verify Root You will know your root status immediately. As an example I noticed that the OnePlus 3 is not rooted and below is the outcome I saw:

We are now confident about the root cause and the root cause, we can continue the procedure.


One thing to be aware of when assigning an entirely fresh MAC address is that you don’t change the manufacturer’s name. This is represented by XXX:XX, i.e, the first six places or numbers. If you alter the address, you might encounter issues with Wi-Fi authentication. For instance, if your initial mac address was a263:f4:h5;67:vt (it’s evidently a fake) Change it to something like a263:f4:YY. In this case, YY:YY may be anything you like, but it’s not necessarily whatever you’d like. You’ll require an active MAC address. Naturally nobody has a listing of all valid MAC addresses inside their wallets, and it isn’t easy to determine. Try this generator for MAC addresses to find new addresses for MAC addresses.

Change MAC Address with no Root Access

Be assured that you aren’t in danger regardless of whether you do not have access to root. You still have the option to modify the MAC address. Here are step-by procedure to temporarily alter your android’s MAC address with root access

Find out your MAC Address of your phone. To find out how to find this information, Goto Settings > Wi-Fi and Internet. Click to the Wi-Fi option (and not the switch on the right) to display the list of accessible WiFi networks. Choose the network that the device is currently connected to. On the next screen you’ll be able to see the phone’s network’s number in the section network detailsBased on the size that your phone has, you might need to click on the Advanced optionto be able to see the address. It is advisable to write the address in a safe place to be able to access it in the event that you’d like to return to it in the future.

Modify your Android device’s Address to the MAC Address

Download an app called ‘Android Terminal Emulator‘ from Google Play Store by using the link below: [googleplay url=””/]

Open the App. Enter ‘ip link show’.

Choose your interface’s name by looking it up in this list. To illustrate this exercise, we’ll take your name as “wlan0”.. Enter this command into your terminal emulator in order to alter the MAC address. For example ‘ ip link set wlan0 XXX:XX;YY:YY’where you must change ‘wlan0’ to your own name for the interface and ‘XXX:XX;YY:YY’ with the new MAC address that you wish for it to be changed to.

Check to see that you’re MAC address has been changed correctly.


There are two drawbacks to this method. First, it is almost always only available on devices that have MediaTek processors. The second reason is that the change will only last for a short time. The MAC address of your phone will change back to the original address when you restart your phone.

Modify MAC Address using Access to Root Access

It is important to note that this method only works with root Android devices. The second requirement in order for the method to function in addition to root is Busybox. It is easy to download Busybox on your root Android phone using busybox. BusyBox application:

Open BusyBox and then click “Install” and you’ll be all set. In case you have Busybox running on your phone, you can skip these steps.

Change MAC Address Using ChameleMAC

ChameleMAC is an application that is compatible with root access. It’s not available in the Google Play Store because it clearly breaks some rules. Google cannot host applications which allow users to switch the MAC address. You’ll have to install an APK. Download the APK via the following link. This application is only available only if your device is with the MediaTek chip.

ChameleMAC Change-Wi-Fi-MAC v1.0.apk

If yes then download and install the APK from the above link and then start the application.

Root permissions are granted upon request.

The app isn’t much in the way of application. From the beginning, you’ll will see a text input field with two buttons underneath it. One button reads Create random MAC and another one says Use a to create a new MAC.

Enter your new MAC address into the text field , then tap Apply the new MAC or tap the Generator random MAC button to generate to generate a random MAC address.

In the confirmation box that appears Tap Change to alter to change the MAC address.

This procedure alters your MAC address forever unless you manually reset it to the way it was.


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