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How to Change Instagram App Icon On Your Android and iOS Device?   How to Change Instagram App Icon? Recently, Instagram celebrated its 10th anniversary by releasing some amazing updates...

How to Change Instagram App Icon On Your Android and iOS Device?


How to Change Instagram App Icon? Recently, Instagram celebrated its 10th anniversary by releasing some amazing updates that include hidden features and the option to alter Instagram’s icon. Instagram icon.

What is the best way to change the Instagram icon on the app? We’ve given you a few simple steps to help you alter the color of Instagram icons for both your Android as well as iOS devices.

How to Change Instagram App Icon?

Instagram was initially developed in the US by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in October of 2010 and was iOS user-friendly. It was initially widely known for its video and photo-sharing social networking app.

In the course of time, the Android version of Instagram was launched at the beginning of April in 2012. Then, they saw downloads over 1 million times in just one day.

Instagram is the Instagram platform is in the midst of a revolution, is one of the most widely used social media platforms that is owned by Facebook.

Instagram offers a variety of features like sharing photos, uploading photos like, commenting, liking as well as messaging (DM) and stories on Instagram, and more.

In the present, they’ve provided the latest information on how you can modify the appearance of your Instagram icon.

Can we alter the Instagram icon on the Instagram app?

Yes! There is a way to alter Instagram’s icon. The Instagram symbol on your smartphone. It’s thrilling to learn that Instagram has released a new update to alter the Instagram icon for the app.

You can now alter Instagram’s Instagram icon for iPhone or Android to look like it was one of the first icons that were in place since 2010.

The update was made accessible to users to aid in recognizing the image-sharing web-based media’s lasting commemoration.

It is possible to browse through Instagram’s traditional and distinctive icons, dating all the way back to the time days when it was basically a Polaroid camera.

There’s also an option to pre-dispatch and a special birthday version of its most recent icon.

How to Change the Instagram Icon Color?

In the latest update regarding the method to change the color of the Instagram icon on Instagram, it has shown that they have gone over the expectations of users. They have provided an option to alter the colors of the Instagram icon on both your Android as well as iOS devices, by simply changing your Instagram app. Instagram is now updated with a complete new version including

  • Hashtag trend
  • IGTV
  • Reels
  • Co-Watching

Alongside excellent updates, it’s also equipped with various blocks and filters to sensitive content to prevent sharing the kind of content that is considered to be illegal.

How to Change Your App Icons on iPhone or iPad

Here’s how you can change Instagram’s icon by using iOS Shortcuts. iOS Shortcuts app:

These steps are only applicable only if your device runs iOS 14 or higher.

  1. Start the Shortcuts app and then tap to the plus+) in the upper-right corner.
  2. Tap Add Action.
  3. On the bar of search, type in a search to find “Open app” then tap.
  4. Tap Select and choose Instagram. Instagram app.
  5. Click to the 3 dots in the upper-right corner.
  6. Tap Add to Home Screen.
  7. Press on the Instagram button to select a new icon.
  8. Tap Add.

To hide the app’s original icon from your screen at home, just tap on the icon until it disappears. choose the option to remove it and then Eliminate From Home Screen.

How to Change Your App Icons on Android

For Android, it is necessary to use an application from a third party to change your icons. Here’s how to alter the Instagram icon with the X Icon Changer app:

X Icon Changer is ad-supported therefore you can download it at no cost, however, you’ll need to watch some ads for a short duration.

  • Get and install X Icon Changer from Google Play.
  • On the home screen, hold and tap the background. Select widgets.
  • Scroll down, then tap the X icon to change.
  • Hold and tap the Icon Changer icon. Icon Changer icon.
  • If the home screen pops up Drag the icon wherever you would like it to be and release it.
  • Find and tap on the Instagram application.
  • Create a new shortcut and click “OK. There are many options to choose from, or you can create your own.
  • The new icon will appear on the home screen. To take Instagram’s old Instagram image from the Home screen hold and tap the app, then select Removing from Home or move your finger to move it into the To the Trash.

Change Instagram icon isn’t working?

It occurs! Just turn off the mobile and then restart it. You will see the previous icon change to the newly chosen one.

You can’t alter the Instagram icon?

If you notice that the Instagram icon isn’t changing Try to update the application. You must be using the most current version of the Instagram application downloaded on your Smartphone to allow the feature to function.

To update your Instagram app go to the Apple App Store select the Apps icon, then go to the Top Free Apps section. Search at the Instagram application for free. Click it to bring the app to the most recent version.

Strangely, I couldn’t locate animation menus for the iPhone 11 but the feature worked perfectly on my older iPhone 6S.


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