How To Boost WiFi Signal On Android

Being able to have an Wifi connectivity at your house is not a an option anymore. Nearly everyone has a speedy internet access at home. Mobile Data is out of...
How To Boost WiFi Signal On Android

Being able to have an Wifi connectivity at your house is not a an option anymore. Nearly everyone has a speedy internet access at home.

Mobile Data is out of the fashion at present. It’s replaced by Wi-Fi. It is cost-effective and faster.

In addition, Wi-Fi is widely available, not just in our residences. It is also available in outdoor spaces like shopping malls, cafes offices, even educational institutions.

If you have noticed that your Wi-Fi consumes an excessive amount of battery than usual, it’s because it’s either, or you’re in connection to it. But the internet isn’t quick.

You could be having issues with your connectivity to Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi issues can happen anywhere in the world, from walls that are thick to long-range connections or just a weak Wi-Fi signal.

How to Increase WiFi Signals on Android.

Here are the top tricks and tips to boost WiFi reception on your android phone. Be sure to go through them all and determine the issue you’re having.

We are confident that the issue can be resolved efficiently with these tips

Change the frequency band of your WiFi

A majority of Android devices can be used with the frequency band 5GHz This means that an even faster and safer connection can be accessible to your device. But, often, your phone may come with the older 2.4GHz option turned on by default, however you can switch it easily.

We suggest that you do this If your WiFi router works to 5GHz. This is usually the case with most modern models (you can verify this on the box of your router or search for the model on the internet).

To change the frequency band that you’re currently using for Android Go to the WiFi settings, click the Advanced button and then search for the frequency band for WiFi. After that, select to select the automatic option to ensure your device will always have the decision to switch to 5GHz when it’s feasible.

Find out where the signal is weakest or strongest.

You’ve probably observed that there are areas in your home in which the internet signal becomes weaker or stronger, right? This is because your router isn’t able to transmit the same amount in signal across all rooms. Therefore, it’s strongest in the most close rooms.

To that end when you desire to make the most of your internet connection it is essential that you are aware of where your signal is strong and reliable. Since it is difficult to predict this kind of thing it is best to utilize an application, like WiFi Analyzer.

In addition It allows you to make use of the app to analyze the signal strength in various areas of your home and discover which areas are the most strong and weak.

Transfer your router to another location

With the knowledge you’ve gained from the earlier article You can make a move better and move your WiFi router to a location where that the signal can be spread out more effectively and with greater quality. It’s for instance, it’s not wise to put it in a space which is far from locations where you surf the internet most often Isn’t it?

It is recommended to centralize your router’s location by placing it close to the rest of the rooms in your home. This will make sure that your signal is robust in all places which will improve the way you can use the network on mobile devices as well as on computers.

Make use of a WiFi repeater

If you are unable to move the router, you can opt for a fairly inexpensive solution that will benefit the majority of people struggling with problems with the poor WiFi signal issue: buying the WiFi repeater. It is a device that will enhance the strength of your WiFi signal through capturing the signals, then sending it again in order to can increase the reach of your WiFi.

This is a wonderful thing especially for those in big houses and are unable to have a great reach using only the router. Today, there are numerous repeater options available, however, it’s always best to do some research to determine the one that is compatible with your router. Make sure you don’t connect it too far away from the router. Otherwise the signal that is repeated won’t be a great one.

Verify that the phone’s case isn’t blocking the flow of the signal

One of the most innocuous motives that could cause your WiFi connection more difficult is the widely used tablet and phone cases. They can be used for protection or to access the device you have, they may just hinder or hinder the transmission of WiFi signals, as they generally cover the entire phone.

To determine if this could be causing problems with your device, take the case off and use your tablet or smartphone normally during the daytime. If you notice a difference the issue is likely that the case is the reason for your problems.

Change your WiFi Router Password

If you’re not updating your router’s password yet, you must do it now. Someone else could be taking the WiFi connections of your which could cause the Internet speed to slow.

Visit the WiFi settings page, and search for the section that allows you to change you SSID or password.

Make sure you update Your SSID and password in line with the latest changes. Make sure you make sure you are using WPA2 which is the most current encryption for networks.

Reposition Your WiFi Antenna.

There’s always a quick solution to this issue which you didn’t realize was affecting the speed of your internet.

Simply move one antenna of the router vertically and move another antenna horizontally, so your device is able to receive signals no matter where it’s.

It will be evident that there is a Boost Wifi Signal.

Concentrating your Signals.

Have you got an empty cold drink container? It could be utilized to steer your Wifi signals in a certain direction to boost the strength of signal at the specific area.

These are steps you need to follow to follow to.

Simply remove the can from the lid.

Cut the length of the can in relation to the length of the container. Done?

You must now break up the can, and then place it in a manner that the curve on the inside faces the direction you would like to receive to send signals to go.

Other Simple Steps

Do not use poor connections Beware of those with weak WiFi signal. The further away you are from the router, the weaker the signal will be.

Do not move You’ll be bounced between hotspots when you walk. This could disrupt the connection. Be sure to stay in the same place until you’ve finished browsing.

Avoid obstacles If walls are blocking the path, you can move around it. WiFi signal strength has a difficult getting through walls. Doors, walls as well as other obstructions can decrease WiFi strength.

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