How To Block Spam Call & Messages On Android (2 Ways)

Are you fed up with spam calls? So do we! Spam calls are annoying and seem to get worse every day. This post will show you how to stop spam calls, or...

Are you fed up with spam calls? So do we! Spam calls are annoying and seem to get worse every day. This post will show you how to stop spam calls, or at the very least reduce them. Before we get started, let’s look at three of the most common spam calls.

First, telemarketing calls by real companies trying sell you stuff. They are used by internet service providers and carriers to lure consumers away from their competition. There are also robocalls which are prerecorded sales messages and automated phone calls. These are often used to support charitable causes and political campaigns.

Scammers may also try to scam you by calling. They pose as FBI, CIA or bank employees to try to get your sensitive financial information or banking details. You can find more information on these scam phone calls in our dedicated post. It outlines some of the most prevalent scams that you should be aware of.

What is Spam Call? There are many types of Spam Calls

Spam calls refer to calls and messages from unknown numbers that reach many phone numbers. Spam calls can be used for marketing purposes, and many other things. They can be very annoying to those who don’t want spam calls.

There are three types of spam calls.

  • Telemarketing calls from companies that sell products
  • These are pre-recorded sales calls, called Robocalls.
  • False people will call you and try to scam you into transferring your money.

How to Block Spam Calls on Your Android Device

There are many ways to block spam calls from your android device. Here are some of the most efficient and effective.

  • Apps for blocking spam calls
  • Manually blocking spam calls
  • Allowing calls from your saved contacts to block spam calls
  • Register for DND to block spam calls

Let’s take a look at what steps you will need to follow in order to carry out each of the methods listed above. Then you can decide which one is best for you.

Blocking calls using Apps: Truecaller

This is the first and most popular way that millions of people use to protect themselves from spam calls. It blocks calls from mobile networks and applications.

Below are some of the top applications that block spam calls:

  • Truecaller
  • Calls Blacklist
  • Hiya

Mobile network service providers may offer their own apps that can be used to block spam calls. These apps are not available on Google Play Store. You would need to download them, sign up with your mobile number, then you’re good to go.

Block spam calls one at a

Blocking unwanted calls from a small number of companies or individuals is a great way to stop them calling you. You can do this by opening the phone app on your Google device, pressing long on the number you are being called, and then tapping on “Block.” The process may vary slightly from one device to the next.

This is an easy and quick solution. However, it can be annoying to receive spam calls from multiple numbers every day. If this is the case, you should consider a dedicated app as described in the previous section.

Allow only calls from your contacts to block spam calls

Blocking all calls from spammers is another way to defeat them. This is a drastic measure but it can be done. Downloading an app such as Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker is the best way to do this. It is free and very popular with over 10 million downloads. If you don’t like it, there are other options.

Simply download the app from the link above and open “Settings,” then select “Blocking,” as shown in these screenshots. If you get a call from someone you don’t have in your contacts, your phone will not ring but you can see the call within the app. Nice!

This method has its limitations. It’s possible to miss calls from family, friends, coworkers, or others who have called from another phone. This is why you should only choose this option if everything else fails.

Register on to block spam calls

The FTC manages The National Do Not Call Registry. This registry allows people to register with their number to stop unwanted calls. It is mandatory that companies respect it. Companies are not allowed to call the numbers in the registry.

This does not apply to telemarketing. You won’t be contacted by ISPs or other companies trying sell you anything, but you may still receive surveys, political, and similar calls. Scam calls will still be made, so signing up won’t guarantee you don’t get scammed.

Stop Spam Calls by Registering on DND

These mobile-operator-specific DND (Do Not Disturb) registration websites allow you to register your number, which will help you notice a dramatic decrease in spam calls. This site is easy to use. Simply visit the site, fill in your mobile number, select the location, then click on the “Use this site” button.

  • DND Vodafone
  • DND Airtel
  • DND Idea
  • Reliance Jio users can use My Jio App

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