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How to Block Someone on Linkedin

How to Block Someone on Linkedin : Step by Step

How to Block Someone on Linkedin: LinkedIn is a great tool for recruiters as well as job searchers. But, it can be uncomfortable and unprofessional fast when a stranger continually pestering you. Here’s how to stop someone from LinkedIn.

There are some points to be aware of prior to blocking individuals on LinkedIn. You will not be able to communicate with the person you blocked. Additionally, both of you will not be able to look at each other’s profiles or other posts. You can restrict yourself to 1400 users on LinkedIn.

If you’ve shared a LinkedIn account with the same person who you’re blocking you, they will receive an email letting them know that you have blocked them.

Things to be Aware of Prior to Blocking Anyone on LinkedIn

In the event that you block someone on LinkedIn and you block them, you won’t be able to view the other’s profiles on LinkedIn. Additionally, you won’t be allowed to contact each other or access each other’s posts. After you block unwanted profiles and profiles, you won’t have access to their profiles.

LinkedIn can also block any endorsements or suggestions received from the member. A member who is blocked can still see your profile and post when they are public. To prevent this, you should remove the public version of your profile.



How to Block or Unblock Users on LinkedIn via a Web Browser

If you’re using a PC to Mac to access LinkedIn you can remove or block users from your internet browser. For starters, open the LinkedIn website and log in.


How to Block Someone on Linkedin

To stop a user from using your account You’ll have to look at your profile before blocking them. You can search for them searching for them. Or in the event that they’ve communicated with you before, you can navigate on their page by clicking their name within the messaging area.

When you’re on the profile page of the person you’d like to block, click the More button. From the drop-down menus, choose the Report or Block option.

How to Block Someone on Linkedin

What are you looking to accomplish?

Pop-up menu, select the Block button. The user will be blocked from seeing your profile or contacting you.

If the user is abusive or if you suspect that the account is fraudulent You may want to select the Report option instead. This will forward an abusive report directly to LinkedIn moderators who will examine it more thoroughly and, should it be needed decide to take further action.

How to Block Someone on Linkedin

If you decide to block the user’s account then you must confirm that you’d like to do this. To confirm this, simply press the Block button to confirm.

How to Unblock Someone on Linkedin

If a user is blocked, they are no longer able to reach you via your profile, or through the messaging system. If you want to unblock them, however, you are able to unblock them by selecting the menu Me > Settings and Privacy from the menu located in the menu bar located at the upper right page of the LinkedIn website.

In the settings section in the settings section, select the button for visibility in the menu on the left. Then, click the Change button located next to the blocking option.

How to Block Someone on Linkedin

A list of users blocked will be displayed below. To deblock a user simply press the “Unblock button next to the name of the user.

You’ll be required to input your password to verify that you are able to deblock the user. Enter this password, and then hit Unblock Member to proceed.

Users will become able to reconnect with them after the block has been removed and will be able to continue messaging you and following your messages. If you’d like to block them once more you’ll have to wait at least 48 hours following the first time you unblock them prior to being allowed to do this.


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