How To Add Music To Facebook Profile

How to Add Music to Facebook Profile? Facebook is a multi-faceted social media platform that lets you stay connected to your loved ones, play quick games, play short clips...
How To Add Music To Facebook Profile

How to Add Music to Facebook Profile? Facebook is a multi-faceted social media platform that lets you stay connected to your loved ones, play quick games, play short clips as well as brand your own products. Facebook is able to be all things to all people. With all the options that Facebook provides, one of the features recently launched is to include your most loved music in the profile.

After the song has been added to your profile, you can listen to it whenever you wish and browse through your account to view the most up-to-date updates from your family members. You’ll have selected the song manually to include in your profile. Doesn’t that sound interesting? Let’s learn how you can include music on your Profile on Facebook easily.


This feature of the music is only available to mobile apps on Facebook. It is that you are able to utilize this feature on Android as well as iOS devices. It will not be available on desktop versions of Facebook.

How to Add Music To your Facebook Profile?

Start the Facebook app on your Android or iOS device, and then tap three horizontal lines in the top right corner. 3 horizontal lines at the top right corner.

  • Visit your Facebook profile by pressing the profile option.
  • Scroll down to find”What’s on your mind? “What’s on your mind?” field. Below, you’ll be able to see a tab that lists tags like Avatars, Photos and Music. You Know.
  • Click on the music icon.
  • Hit on the (+) icon. It is located in the top of the right.
  • Now, you can look up the song you would like to add to your Facebook profile.
  • Select the music to save it to the list of music. You can choose several songs. When you’re done, press the return button of your phone.
  • For a song title that you want to pin on the profile of your Facebook profile, find your most-loved songs in Facebook music. On the Facebook Music page. Tap the three dots to the song, then choose “Pin to profile”.
  • Congratulations! Your favorite song will now be displayed on your personal Facebook page.


As previously mentioned you can pin songs onto your account. The song that you have pinned will appear in the playlist section of the music section and will appear right beneath your name as well as your profile photo. If you’re familiar with Twitter it’s akin to a pinned tweet.

Clicking on the song will play a song sample. Users can add the song to their personal profile page, visit the artist’s pages and listen to the entire song on Spotify.

To pin an album, browse your playlist by tapping on the Music section of your profile. Next, click the three dots next to the song you would like to pin and choose ‘Pin it to your profile in the menu.

Replace a Pinned Song

To remove a song or change it, tap the three dots icon beside the song you have pinned. You can replace it with another song from Facebook’s playlist of songs by tapping Replace song or delete the song that was pinned by tapping Unpin on the page.


As you may have noticed in the above image You can also include the song in your story. To do this, click the Add to Story button (more on that in the next section). You can also add any song you have in your playlists to the story at any time.


To take a song off your playlist, go to the Music section in your profile. After that, tap the three dots icon next to the song you want to remove.

Choose to Delete the song from the profile.


All songs can be added to your list are made public by default. Anyone who visits your Facebook profile will be able to view and listen to the songs.


In order to use music to play music in Facebook Stories, You will need to add to use the Music sticker. It plays music for a chosen portion from the tune for fifteen seconds if it is attached to a plain or picture background. When the stickers are placed in a video, the music will be played until the end of the clip (less than fifteen seconds).

Two ways to bring songs to the stories you tell.

Method 1: Add Music to a Colorful Background

In this instance, you can also make music available to the vibrant backgrounds offered by Facebook. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1. Tap in the Add Story option on your home page Facebook. Facebook app. Tap on Music Card present at the top. You may need to swipe the cards in order to look them all up.

Step 2. You will be brought into your Facebook songs library screens. There, search for and select the song you wish to include. Click the track to play it and then press an Add button to add in your narrative.

Step 3. Next screen: Facebook is going to play automatically the most popular part in the tune. You can watch other songs that are popular or the lyrics by clicking on the star that is above the slider.

If you do not like the auto-generated music you can use the scrollbar to navigate to the part you prefer in the song. Tap on Done.

Step 4. You’ll be brought to the screen for editing your story. There you will see the song card which is added to the story. Tap the card to go through different designs. To change the story’s background simply tap the color option on the top and choose your preferred color. Additionally, you can use typical items like drawings, text, and stickers to change the story.

Step 5. Tap in the Share To Story to join it into your story.

2. Add Music to the Image From Gallery

These are steps to follow:

Step 1: Create a story, or choose one of the images from the gallery like you would normally when creating Stories for Facebook.

Step 2. When you are on the screen for story editing click on the icon for stickers and then select Music sticker.

Step 3. You’ll be taken to the music library screen. Choose the song you want to add and then click Add to place it in the story. Select the song’s portion of the song by using the scrollbar or star. Tap did to verify.

Step 4. Finally, you can add your own story by sharing it with Story.

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