How To Hide IP Address In Windows/Mac PC

An IP address is the Internet Protocol Address that is assigned to your network router or computer via the ISP (Internet Service Provider). If you go to a Web...
How to hide IP address on Chrome

An IP address is the Internet Protocol Address that is assigned to your network router or computer via the ISP (Internet Service Provider).

If you go to a Web Site and other servers on the internet, you will see your IP address will be stored in log files or is stored on the servers. This leaves behind tracks of the access logs of your web activity.

If you conceal your IP address, these servers or websites will not be able to trace your location or identity is secret on the web. The internet is filled with scammers, spammers as well as hackers.

They are able to easily track your online activities, and also steal your personal information by infringing on your security.

However, on the other hand, your ISP Internet service provider constantly observes your activities.

The track, monitor, and log all of the activities you do on the internet.

If you’re annoyed by these things If so, you can check out this article about How to hide IP Addresses In Windows and MAC.

This allows you to browse the web in a safe manner, and nobody can track your movements or track your activities.


What Is An IP Address?

The first step is to go back and clarify the meaning of an IP address in does in the beginning.

IP is an abbreviation for internet protocol and it’s basically the identifier of a device connected to a particular computer or a network of computers.

By using this IP address, computer systems are able to acquire information.

But, IP addresses can be utilized to track the approximate location of the user and the activity on the internet so hiding is an essential requirement if you want to keep your online privacy.


The most effective method to conceal your IP address our opinion is to make use of a VPN.

  • What does it do is: VPNs, which is a contraction of Virtual Private Networks, hide the IP address of a user, substituting it with an individual address or a static address shared by multiple users or a dynamic address that alters with every connection. The Internet service provider will be able to see these addresses, but not the real IP address.
  • How to obtain it The process of obtaining the VPN you want is not difficult.

Find out the VPN you’d like (our best VPNs list is a good starting point).

  • Set up an account.
  • Download the application.
  • Log in.
  • Connect to the server.


Do you want to conceal your IP address from the internet at no cost? Meet Tor.

  • What does it do: Tor is a web browser that prevents the tracking of users, but this is not the case with other popular browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. Instead, when you’re removed from a website the cookies will be cleared as are your browser history. The website will not see your actual IP address but rather the one that Tor has replaced with. The most important thing? Tor secures your data three times, to ensure that your information is secure.
  • How do you get it to download Tor:
  • Go to the Tor Project’s site:
  • Set up the internet browser.

Note: Tor is available for the macOS X, Windows, Android, or Linux operating systems. The Tor app isn’t available on iOS devices.

Proxy Servers

A lot of people compare proxy servers in competition with VPNs, just like they did with our VPN comparison. proxy servers comparison.

While it is true that both solutions will conceal and secure the IP address of the user, however, only VPNs can also secure their online activities.

But proxy servers have the benefit of being completely free, usually and most VPNs are priced at the price of.

In the end, we’d recommend proxy servers if you require coverage on a specific app or site for one use.

NOTE: The reason proxy servers aren’t charged is due to the fact that they sell user information and data, which makes VPNs the best option to protect your security. Don’t forget that there are no-cost VPN services that are available and VPNs that have trial periods for free.

  • What does it do What it does: Proxy servers are servers that allow users to connect for encryption and concealing your IP.
  • How to obtain it How to find a proxy server that hides your IP address varies based on the operating system that you’re running.


  • In the Safari application, click on Preferences.
  • Click on Advanced.
  • Click on Change Settings.
  • Make sure you update your settings using the information the Network Administrator has provided. Then you’ll be presented with a fresh secure window!


  • In administrative templates, hit Windows Components.
  • Click on Data Collection And Preview Builds.
  • Configure Authenticated Proxy Usage.
  • Set it to Enable.
  • Click on Apply.


  • In Settings, select Wi-Fi.
  • Click Network information.
  • Click to open the HTTP proxy to access the proxy page.
  • Select the manual option.
  • Click on Edit Proxy Settings.
  • Turn on Authentication.
  • Save your settings by returning to the Wi-Fi selection page.


  • Under Settings, select Wi-Fi.
  • Clock Network Name.
  • Choose Modify Network.
  • Click on Advanced.
  • Click on Manual.
  • Enter your Hostname as well as Proxy Port.
  • Make sure to save your selection.

Use IP Address Hiding Desktop Software.

Another option is to utilize IP Address Hide software. It is possible to search for IP Address Hide software on Google.

There is numerous top software on the internet, which allow users to conceal their IP address.

The software conceals your IP address automatically and doesn’t require you to do anything else than install it on your laptop/PC and browse the internet anonymously through the internet.

This completely blocks the IP Address of your computer from search engines and nobody will be able to track your location or spy on your location or monitor you.


Make a Connection to Another Network in Order to Alter your IP

If you switch networks and your IP address is changed, it will change as well. If you believe that the IP address that you’ve been using is compromised blocked, blocked, or traced, then you should change your network to obtain a fresh one.

Connect to a private or public wireless network. You can also connect to the mobile data feature on your smartphone.

Take note that hotspots with wifi that are public and networks that are open to the public can be a prime target for hackers, who could profit from the absence of authentication and encryption.

Opt to join networks with passwords when it is possible.


Request Your ISP for a Change in Your IP Address

The company you use for your ISP is the person who determines who is assigned an IP address.

If you’d like to change your address due to reasons other than your own, you can give them an email. You’ll need your account details in hand along with the current address of your IP.

It shouldn’t be a problem to obtain a new IP number, however, don’t count on it to remain the same for long.

Since IP addresses are always changing to ensure the limited amount of IP addresses available and IP addresses are constantly changing, your IP address is likely to change at least once every few years. These are known as “dynamic” IP addresses.

You can request a permanent Internet address which is permanent However, there may be a formal application process, with an additional cost.

Unplug Your Modem in Order to Change your IP address.

This isn’t a guarantee to work, however, it is possible to obtain an entirely new IP address by unplugging your modem from the internet and then connecting it again. If you lose connection to your ISP and your IP address will be recycled.

Once you’ve re-established a connection to your ISP, you’ll get an entirely new IP address.

The longer you keep the modem unplugged, the greater chance this method will be successful. It is possible to leave it unplugged for the night in case you need to.

Your ISP must utilize dynamic IP addresses in order for this to function. Most do.

It’s impossible to conceal an IP address with your provider. It’s logical because my ISP offers me internet access and the IP number. If I don’t have an IP, I’m unable to connect to the internet.

VPNs and proxies do not change your IP address. They cover your IP address with an individual IP address so that other servers and computers online can’t recognize yours. However, your real IP is there, and it’s using the proxy server or VPN server acting as an intermediary.

Although you cannot conceal your identity from the ISP you are able to conceal the destination and the content of your web activity by using the help of a VPN.

The encryption blockage blocks your ISP from knowing what data you transmit and receive. Moreover, the ISP only knows your connection to the VPN server, not the websites or applications that you use.

In contrast, the VPN conceals your actual IP address from applications and websites however they can still view the contents and the destination of your online communications.

The only people who can observe all three aspects of your IP address as well as the sites you visit, and the data is sent between them are you as well as the VPN provider.

This is why it is my only recommendation to use VPNs that do not keep any records of your internet activity.

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