Find My Airpods Sound Pending

Apple offers a “Find my iPhone ” service to locate lost iPhones, iPads and Macs. However, there is also a “Find my AirPods” feature that can help you find...
Find My Airpods Sound Pending

Apple offers a “Find my iPhone ” service to locate lost iPhones, iPads and Macs. However, there is also a “Find my AirPods” feature that can help you find your AirPods if they are lost.

Although Find My AirPods is not compatible with iOS devices via Bluetooth, it can be used to locate AirPods that have been lost or are not within the range of an iOS device.

It is important to note that Find My AirPods works only for the AirPods. It cannot locate lost AirPods Cases.

Why is Sound pending on Find My AirPods

You’ll receive a “Sound Pending” notification on your iPhone’s Bluetooth screen if you lose your Airpod, or leave it unattended. After the Airpod has been paired with your iPhone, you will see a Play Sound notification on your screen.

Make sure that Find My is enabled

Before you can use the Find My App to find anything you have lost, you must activate it. Open the Settings app and tap on your name to activate Find My. Next, select Find My. After that, click on Find My iPhone to turn the switch to ON. As long as Find My remains active, your Apple Watch and AirPods are added to the App. You can’t go back if you lose your AirPods. To activate Find My, click here.

Done? Okay, good.

How does the app locate your lost AirPods?

Your iOS automatically activates Find My if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch already configured with Find My that you use with your AirPods Pro or AirPods.

If you have lost your AirPods or one of them is damaged, Find My can help you locate them. It works best if they are within Bluetooth range of an iDevice that has the same Apple ID (approx 10 meters or 30 feet).

This means that Find My AirPods will work in your home, at your desk at work, and anywhere else within 30 feet (10 metres) of them.

This feature is great for people who fall asleep on the couch while watching TV or on their iPads. It helps to locate missing AirPods.

The Find My app will tell you where your AirPods have been detected the most recently. It also provides information such as the date and the location at which they were last connected to your device.

Allowing Find My to be enabled on your iPhone/iPad

First, enable Find My iPhone on iOS. When my AirPods are linked to an iPhone that has been authorized to use them, it’s simple to locate them. Sign in to access the iCloud to locate your iPhone.

These instructions will guide you through how to turn on “Find my Device”, on your iOS device.

Open the Settings App on your iPhone or iPad.

In the next step, click on the name for your iCloud account.

Scroll down to find my option

To turn the Find My iPhone toggle green, press and hold the Find My iPhone button a second time. This option is also available on Apple Watches and other Apple ID-enabled devices.

You won’t need to worry about AirPods being lost or stolen. You can also check the map or play a sound on lost. You can find my app on iPhone/iPad/Mac and for all Apple devices.

All Apple Devices Out of Range of AirPods

You can view the last location your AirPods were before they went missing or were removed. Find my help right now to see where and when you were last using Find My App on iOS, Mac or iCloud.

AirPods Sound Pending on Find My iPhone App

Click on the Find My App menu, and then select Find My App. Devices > AirPods> > Play Sound. Your iPhone is trying to link to your AirPods, but it is not able to. There is a pending sound. Please contact us as soon as you can with the time and last place. Find My App shows the AirPods’ position as soon as you have your iPhone or iPad within reach.

If Find My App status has been activated, the AirPods Pro/2/1 will emit a beep sound. You can also use the map to find it. You can use Location-based Services to locate your AirPods if you are having difficulty finding them.

My app is corrupted or won’t open

How to Find AirPods’ Last Position Without an iPhone. You can also access Find My App on Mac.

If you are having trouble finding your AirPods, visit to search for them.

Once you have entered the correct login information, tap on the Find iPhone App button.

Click OK to select your AirPods from a drop-down menu.

Go to the Actions menu, and then select Play Sound.

What if my AirPods are missing from different places?

If your AirPods have been separated and not stored in the AirPod Case, then you can only see one AirPod location at a time on the map.

To locate an AirPod, use the sound and/or map. Once you have found it, place it in the AirPod bag.

Next, refresh the Find My map to locate the missing AirPod.

AirPods Sound Only Plays Within A Specific Range

If your AirPods still have a charge, you can turn on Play Sound once you are within 30 feet (10 m) of the last known location. This will make your AirPods chirp and get louder with each passing second.

What happens if my AirPod Case is lost?

AirPods Case Doesn’t Make a Sound!

The Find My app is only compatible with AirPods and not the charging case.

Your AirPods are the only ones that make this sound. Unfortunately, your AirPods don’t have speakers so they can’t create any sound to help locate your AirPods if it goes missing.

You can order a replacement AirPods Charging Case from Apple if yours goes missing or is damaged.

Reality is not perfect

AirPods have a short battery life so you won’t be able to notice if an AirPod is missing. Your AirPods will stop chirping or providing any information about your location once the battery has run out.

Find My AirPods requires your AirPods to connect to your iPhone, another iDevice, or Mac with the same iCloud account.

This means that Find My AirPods will not work if your AirPods are still in their AirPods cases.

If you lose your AirPods, Find My AirPods does not currently assist you.

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