Have you ever thought about jumping into Minecraft after an exhausting day, but the game pops up with an Exit Code 0 error and ends the game? This frustrating error doesn’t allow you to start the game.

This error may have been causing you to think in confusion, not knowing the reason or the reason for it do not fret. We’ve provided some common reasons why this happens and the best way to resolve it. Exit Code 0 error.

How to Fix Minecraft Exit Code 1

What is Exit Code 0 Error, and Why Does it Occur?

The Exit Code 0 error means that an issue caused the game to be inoperable. This means that the game stops running and crashes when you launch it with an error message displayed on the screen.

In terms of what triggers it, a variety of reasons can ruin your game like,

  • Graphics Driver Outdated: If you’ve not upgraded the driver on your graphic card this could be the cause of our issue.
  • Mods that are not compatible: There might be some mods you’ve installed that are causing problems for your game. This could be due to the fact because the mods you previously employing may not be compatible with the latest versions of Minecraft.
  • Invalid Java: Since the Java engine is used to run Minecraft which is a game, it is crucial to use the most recent version in order to run the identical. Therefore, if your Java is not up to date this could cause this Exit Code 0 error as well.
  • Incompatible programs that are running in the background: There may be some applications or software which are in use which are not incompatible with Minecraft and Java that cause a crash to your game and displays the error mentioned above.

Stop Conflicting Programs

 There is a listing of the programs offered to Minecraft community members. This includes all competing programs that can impact your gaming. We recommend that you look over the list of programs and close any such programs that have been running on your system.

Update Graphics Driver

New Drivers can boost the performance of your GPU to ensure that it will play games smoothly. If you’re experiencing this error message then you must refresh the graphics Driver and determine whether the issue is still there.

Update your JAVA

If you are using the JAVA version of Minecraft It is recommended that you be sure to update it and check whether the issue continues. It is easy to go to the website of the OEM JAVA and download the most current version. After that, restart your computer and launch Minecraft to check whether the issue is resolved.

Remove Mods

How to Fix Minecraft Exit Code 1

Mods are a great method to add fun into your game, however occasionally, they may create problems for you, and this is a prime instance. To solve the Exit Code (0) You should take out mods in one at a time, and check if the problem persists.

Make Sure You Have a Graphics Driver

There have been suggestions that a driver for graphics that is outdated or a damaged driver may be a problem. Therefore, make sure the graphics drivers are as up-to current as it is. If you own an Nvidia graphics card, go here. If you are using AMD, go here. If you’re using Intel and Intel, visit this page.

As we’ve mentioned before it’s best practice to ensure that your system is up-to-date as part of your regular maintenance. An outdated GPU can result in other programs not functioning properly in addition to Minecraft.

Incompatible Mods

Minecraft is well-known for its capability to incorporate mods to play the game. However, there’s an opportunity that in some situations, mods may be producing Exit Error 0.

Therefore, try turning off or removing the mods you’re using to determine if they fix the issue.

If your game ceases to crash in the middle of the night, there’s a good possibility that you’re playing with an uncompatible mod.

In this situation, it’s better to remove the mod is responsible for the crash.

Remove All Files in the Configs Folder


The configs file is likely the most vulnerable part in the Minecraft installation. This is where you’ll find temporary files that belong to the main game as well as the mods you have installed.

The majority of times the corruption of files can make its way into the configs folder. Therefore, you’ll have to establish a routine of cleaning out the folder frequently when you’re installing mods.

Many people who have succeeded in getting rid from the Exit Code 0 error have resolved the issue by clearing the configs folder in Minecraft’s AppData folder.

Follow the following steps If you’re not sure how to remove the Configs folder:

  • Press the Windows button + R for the Run dialog box. Enter “%appdata%” and enter.
  • Open the AppData folder
  • Within within the appdata folder, double-click in the .minecraft folder to open it.Accessing to the Minecraft folder
  • Then, right-click on the configs folder then click the delete button within the context menu in order to out of it.Deleting the configurations folder
  • IMPORTANT: Additionally, you can open your configs directory and use Ctrl+A to highlight everything within the folder, and then right-click on the selected item and select delete.
  • Once the configs directory has been deleted or cleared and you are ready to start Minecraft again to check whether you’re still getting the error code exit 0.

If the issue still lingering, go to the next possible solution listed below.

Eliminate the Primary Forge Mod Loader file

This FML File is the principal component of for the Forge Mod Loader software program that lets you install custom-made Modes in Minecraft. It’s a file which is often detected by antivirus programs (particularly third-party options) and is also vulnerable to being corrupted when you’re running an older Minecraft version.

When you’re using Forge Mod Loader utility to install mods and you’re having trouble with the ‘exit code zero” problem, you can follow the procedure below to erase the primary FML file. Then, see what happens when you finally are able to start the game and not encounter the identical error.

Please follow the below instructions for the complete directions on how to complete this:

  • You can open the Start dialogue box using the Windows keys + R. Enter ‘%appdata%’ then hit Enter.
  • Finding the Appdata Folder
  • Once you’re in within the appdata folder, open your .minecraft folder.Accessing the Minecraft folder
  • Within within the .minecraft folder, open the configurations folder and find an FML file.Accessing the Configs folder
  • If you spot it, right-click it and select the option to delete by clicking on the menu in context to eliminate it.

Reinstall Minecraft

The corruption of your files within the Minecraft installation could be the cause of this issue, especially if you you were previously able start the game without issue but this error began to show up after installing Mod launcher. Mod launcher.

Pro Tip: In the event that you are experiencing an issue is with your PC or laptop/notebook, you can consider using Restoro Repair which can scan the repositories for the files that are missing or corrupted. It works in the majority of cases when the problem resulted from corrupted system files. It is possible to download Restoro by clicking Here

It can be a challenge to pinpoint the issue (if the first solution that we discussed in this article did not help) the best option to do is to make sure you backup your saved data prior to installing Minecraft.

For step-by-step instructions for how to accomplish this, refer to the instructions below:

Before deinstalling Minecraft, you’ll must create a backup of your game’s saved data that you can restore following the reinstallation of Minecraft. Press the Windows keys + R in order to pop an dialog box. Type “%appdata%” and enter. Enter.

Accessing Appdata

  • In of the Application Data menu, go to your .minecraft folder and copy the saves folder. Paste it in a place that is safe. Copying it will ensure that you have the Minecraft saves
  • Once you’re sure your saved files are secure If you’re sure, then click on the Search option on your taskbar, and type in Minecraft Then click the Uninstall option to follow the directions (if any).Uninstalling Minecraft
  • The folder can be located in AppData folder, therefore, you can access the APPDATA Folder using the Start Dialog box (step 1) and then delete it. Then, delete the .minecraft folder once again.Deleting the Minecraft folder
  • Download your Minecraft game installation on their official website and then reinstall the game.

After the installation is completed After the installation is complete, run the game to check whether the error still persists. If it does then follow the next procedure.

Run Incompatibility When Running Earlier Windows version

If you’re experiencing this problem when trying to use an earlier Minecraft version to support mods that not work with the most recent versions most likely, you’re experiencing the error code “0” due to an incompatibility with the program.

Most likely you’re running the Minecraft version you’re trying to use will incompatible with Windows 10 or Windows 11.

You can avoid the issue by requiring the main launcher for Minecraft to use compatibility mode when running an earlier Windows version.

Read the following guide for steps-by-step directions on how to force the game to be run in compatibility mode.

Just right-click the Minecraft icon, then click Properties.

The Properties screen in Minecraft

  • In the Properties menu, select Compatibility. and then select the checkbox next to the section that reads Compatibility mode. Run Compatibility mode
  • Then, expand the drop-down menu and select from the available Windows versions, select Windows Vista –if it is available. If not, select version of Windows 8.Running Minecraft in Compatibility mode

After you’ve done this change then start the game to determine whether the issue has been resolved.

If the exact Exit Code 0 error is continuing to occur at the beginning, then move to the next solution below. 

The Most Popular Option for Exit Code 0

Although there is a high possibility for a one of these solutions can be used however, there is the possibility of having to press the red button.

If you’re not sure if anything else appears to be working and you’re unable to keep waiting for updates, you can consider completely deleting and installing the game. It is possible to backup the contents of your minecraft folder to ensure that you do not lose your worlds.

Any Other ideas Worth Trying?

The strategies we’ve listed in the previous paragraphs are the most commonly used methods to solve your Exit Code error.

If you’ve tried each of them and are experiencing the same issue There is a chance that it’s an issue with your system that is more fundamental.

Make sure whether your system is operating in a proper manner. You might want to opt for the scorched earth method of restarting Windows completely.