Are You Bothered by WS-37398-0 on PS4 or PS5? Try These Fixes [Partition Magic]

The WS-37398-0 error code is among the most frequent errors can be seen in PS4 as well as PS5. Do not be concerned if you are confronted with the error code WS-37398-1.

You can read this post on MiniTool Partition Wizard’s website. MiniTool Partition Wizard site to determine the issue.

Have you encountered the error code WS-37398-10 a often lately when using your PS4? Be assured that this isn’t a unique issue.

A number of users have said they’ve experienced the same issue. There are a variety of possible causes for this.

Fortunately the error code WS-37398-1 isn’t a permanent issue and shouldn’t persist for too long. What you need to be aware of about the problem and the best way to (or aren’t able to) fix it.

What Is Error Code WS-37398-0?

Are PSN servers down?

This is the thought that pops into the mind when users encounter the error code WS-37398-1. It’s not surprising since the error code appears every time you try to sign in to PlayStation Network. This means that you won’t be able to access any online features , or online games. Furthermore you won’t be able to connect anything else with the PlayStation Network.

The first time the issue surfaced was on the 27th of April 2021. The official account on Twitter for PlayStation Japan commented on the issue, noting it was experiencing issues with connectivity. This meant that the majority of users were unable to download games or play multiplayer online or manage their accounts or even access their accounts or the PlayStation Store.

It was not just affecting the accounts that are on the PS4 but also the PS5 also. Thankfully,, PlayStation resolved the issue within an hour of when the error code WS-37398-01 first appeared.

Most people are anxious or frustrated when they see the PlayStation error code WS-37398-0 pops up. But, remember that this error isn’t the fault of your own and neither is the fault of the console’s fault. Your PS4 is functioning perfectly and you don’t need to take it to a repair facility.

Most likely could be that PSN is experiencing problems due to any server-related issue. For instance an outage in power might be happening at PlayStation’s side. Perhaps PSN maintenance is ongoing but things are expected to be restored within a couple of hours. Perhaps, you’re experiencing PS4 error code WS-37398 is being caused by a different service interruption that was not noticed by Sony.

No matter what, you’re certain there’s a fact: the problem isn’t with your computer or the internet. So, you won’t have to fret about repairs or altering your internet settings at home. There’s no issue in your account, so there’s no need to alter your settings.

This is an issue because it implies that there is a small number of options for addressing the problem. It is possible that you will be confronted with the error message WS-37398-1 for some time and may be forced to be patient.

Check PSN Status

What can I do to solve the issue of WS-37368-7 appearing on PS4 or PS5? Unfortunately, you cannot. But you can check the PSN status periodically to check whether it’s been restored. Just visit the page every couple of minutes or for a few hours. The link should tell you whether the services are online and running, or when there’s an issue with the network.

It’s the simplest method to determine if an outage on the server is the reason behind the error code WS-37398 0. Furthermore, it’s also the quickest way to find out if the server is online. You can check it at intervals (or every couple of hours) to determine if the server has changed.

While you wait, consider you keep yourself entertained through offline game play on console. You could also keep up with the latest serial or read a book. Based on the history of PlayStation this issue should be solved within an hour or less.

Check the Downdetector Website

What can you do to solve “an error has occurred WS-37398-0”? If there isn’t an issue and the error code WS-37398-0 appears still visible, examine this down detection link. It will tell you if there are any other interruptions to the service.

The method it operates is that the users are able to report whether the service is not working by clicking the link. If more people report an issue it’s more likely that the server is experiencing difficulties. You can also submit your problem by using the Login Connection, Server Connection Purchase, Login or something else buttons. The chart should be updated and increase awareness of the issue.

However, unlike the earlier link, there’s not a way of knowing if the issue is solved by using this down-detecting tool. But, it’s an excellent way to determine whether the problem is one-off or if it’s occurring to many individuals.

Whatever the reason the reason, the error message WS-37398-0 will be eliminated in the next day or so unless there’s a serious issue on PlayStation’s servers. While you wait you should be able to distract yourself with games that aren’t online.

Check PlayStation’s Social Media Platforms

What can I do to solve this PlayStation Network error? This isn’t a problem that it’s fixable. But, you are able to go to Twitter, Reddit, or Facebook to let them know about the issue if it’s just happened. This could help draw Sony’s attention, particularly if several people are reporting the error code WS-37398-1 at one time.

Additionally providing as much detail as you can via the internet can help to resolve the issue. It’s because Sony can examine individual experiences and reports into consideration in order to determine the reason. This can speed things up in the event that Sony is able to determine if the issue is caused by an outage or a different issue.

You can search for any of PlayStation’s Twitter profiles like @PlayStation and @AskPlayStation. Simply sign in to your account, or visit then search for the accounts you want to follow.

Alternately, you could snap a picture or a screen shot of the error code WS-37398-0 and upload them to Twitter. You can then add the hashtags #playstationnetwork or #PSN. or #PSNdown for a buzz. You can also add the official Twitter handles of their company to get their attention immediately.

In addition, you can also go to the r/PS4 subreddit ( for updates. There, you’ll be able to determine if there are many users posting on this error code, WS-37398-0. Additionally, users here will be able to offer updates once the issue is resolved.

Create A New PlayStation 4 Database

  1. You can put with your PS4 into Safe Mode by holding down the power button for seven minutes until you hear a second sound.
  2. Attach the PS4 controller and console with the USB cable.
  3. Select”Rebuild Database” “Rebuild Database” option using the controller, and then select it.
  4. Reconfirm the rebuild by choosing “Yes” when prompted.
  5. Your PS4 will then build its database, which can take several minutes. After it’s completed your console will be restarted and you won’t be seeing the error message WS-37398-0.

Start You PlayStation 4 System

  1. First, ensure that you have your PlayStation 4 is turned off.
  2. After it’s shut off, hold and press your power button.
  3. The power button should be released after receiving two sound beeps.
  4. Make sure you connect the PlayStation 4 to the power outlet and then press the power button again.
  5. After the PlayStation 4 turns on, go to Settings.
  6. Select System Software Update.
  7. If you’re able to download an update Select the Update option.
  8. After the update has been installed After the update has been installed, the PlayStation 4 will restart automatically.