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Error 2123-1502

How to Fix Error 2123-1502 Nintendo Switch

How to Fix “Error Code: 2123-1502” On Nintendo Switch

A code error 2123-1502 displayed on the Switch indicates that the Switch cannot maintain a constant connection to Nintendo Servers and therefore is unable to install (or update) games or applications.

Apart from the Nintendo issue, There are many reasons on the client side that be the primary reason for making the error. Here are a few of the typical ones:

Sleep Mode on the Nintendo Switch: If the Nintendo Switch goes to sleep during the time that the download or upgrade of the contents is underway, it could break connections between the Switch and the servers, resulting in the Switch error code 2123-1502.

Cache Corrupted by the Nintendo Console: The corrupted cache of the Nintendo Switch could cause the error code 2123-1502 because the download data could not be correctly cached.

Unsuspecting DNS Configuration for the Switch The DNS for the internet does not correctly translate the web address of Nintendo servers, this could be the primary cause of Switch error code 2123.

Incorrect or Outdated Firmware from Nintendo Switch: If the firmware of the Switch is out of date or damaged, it could cause the error, as it could cause an incompatibility issue with the Switch and the servers.

You Can Retry Downloading by Using the Download Options

The inability of the game or application download to complete with error code 2123-1502 could be due to a temporary problem with the handshake protocol that is used between the Switch and the servers. Retrying the download via Download Options may clear the problem. Before proceeding, be sure you are sure that the Switch is able to hold enough space to finish the download.

  1. First, click the cancel button to stop the download. Then, attempt to retry to download the file by hitting to download (you might keep pinging the download button for 15 at a time or so). If the download starts at the beginning, allow it to complete.
  2. If the problem persists, then click cancel to stop the troublesome download. Once you see the downloading button is displayed, and you are able to click on it, click it.
  3. Then, in a flash (so that an error message does not appear) then select the Download Options (or Download Settings).
  4. Click on Download Options for the Problematic Download
  5. After that, wait patiently until the download completes and running in background. Don’t do anything while the process is in progress. If the download has completed the process, the Success in Download message appears on the left-hand side of the screen.
  6. If that doesn’t work, you can check to see if restarting the download after you dock the Switch is docked solves the issue.
  7. If the issue continues, check if the downloading or upgrading the game or application via the E-shop resolves the issue.

Restart Nintendo Switch Console

If you are unable to download, and you still get the same error message, you’ll need to restart your console.

  1. Press the “Power Button”
  2. Choose “Power Options.”
  3. Tap “Turn Off.”
  4. When the console is shut off, you will, must hit the power button once more to turn it on again.

Clear Cache Nintendo Switch Console

To clean your Nintendo Switch console cache, you must select ” System Settings” from the “Home Menu.”

  1. Scroll down, and then select “System.”
  2. Select “Formatting Options.”
  3. Choose “Clear cache.”
  4. Select the user you want to erase the cached data of Then, select Reset to confirm.
  5. This will erase saved IDs as well as passwords, cookies history, as well as other data from websites that is cached. However, this will not impact the saved games downloaded, or game save files.

Check the Quality of Your Internet Connection

Check the strength of your Internet connection to make sure it is connected. Nintendo Switch is still connected to the Internet.

Create a Brand New Internet Connectivity

Install your new Internet connection. Ensure that you connect to the right network and receive an impressive wifi signal through the connection.

Check Switch IP :

  • Begin by launching the console.
  • Navigate to the main menu. Go there to Settings > Network > View Connection Status.
  • Find each of the addresses for IP or Addresses for MAC and write them down for later reference.

Set Static IP

  • Open any web browser, or configure your Wi-Fi router. Input the IP address supplied to you by the ISP.
  • Log in using the username you created and your password on the portal on the internet.
  • Go to Settings > Enable the Manual Assignment option.
  • In the Manual Assignment option, enter both MAC and IP addresses. Click the Add option.

Enable Port Forwarding Setting in Wi-Fi Router

  • If you log into your IP address, you can search in your port forwarding Section (Sometimes, it is on advanced Settings).
  • In the port forwarding settings, simply enter the number of ports you wish to open in the Start and End/Internal and External.
  • Additionally, enter the Static IP to the console, and then select to enable as well as ok.
  • After that, restart the console and the Wi-Fi router to take effect of the changes.

Enter an Alternate DNS Manually.

If the DNS you’re trying use isn’t working, you can attempt to use an alternate DNS or use an official Google DNS. This is why to do this is that many users have reported that when they change to a different DNS manually this error message 2123-1502 is solved.

Change the MTU Size

The MTU (maximum transmission unit) is the data-packet size. A wrong MTU setting might not be adequate to fit the network.

  • Press the Home button again.
    Select System Settings .
    Go to the Internet.
  • Select Internet Settings.
  • Select the network you want to join.
  • Select Change Settings.
  • Select MTU.
  • Modify your MTU Number to 1500.
  • Save the modifications.
  • Restart the Nintendo Switch.

Disable Auto-Sleep

Updates and downloads to the Nintendo Switch may fail if the console sleeps when downloading. This happens because the console loses connectivity to standby mode.

  • Therefore, we suggest disabling the Sleep mode in the following manner:
  • Hold the button for home on the controller.
  • Go to System Settings.
  • Switch on to the Sleep Mode on on the left.
  • Choose Automatic Sleep to the left.
  • Select Never.

Wrap Up

You can clean the white screen and start playing exciting and thrilling games. By following the steps mentioned in this article, you don’t need to wait for a long time to fix error code 21231502 Nintendo Switch. Did you try any one of the strategies already? Be prepared to play exciting and thrilling gaming with Nintendo Switch again.


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