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What is the reason for Passbook not available in EPFO?

EPFO Passbook Portal Down: Angry PF Subscribers Share Grievance On Social Media

EPF Passbook The capability to download and access Employees Provident Fund Passbook on the EPFO portal hasn’t been working for the past couple of days, as reported by several EPFO customers who weren’t able access their EPF passbook via the dedicated portal operated by the EPFO.

EPF passbook can be a tool which shows the EPF balance month-to-month.

In response, EPFO responded by saying they are investigating the issue.

Dear Member, we’re sorry for this delay. The team in charge is taking a look at the situation. It is recommended to wait a few hours. The issue will be addressed soon,” EPFO tweeted.

In the last few years, EPFO has tried to reduce and streamline all procedures so that it is easier for customers. To achieve this, the company has provided UAN (universal number of accounts) to all customers and developed an UAN portal called the e-Sewa Portal for all purposes.

  • The most significant aspects of this website is the “Download Passbook’. If you click on the Download Passbook page, you’ll see:
  • The latest passbook is going to become available after four days for newly UAN users who have activated their login.’
  • A button that says “Download Passbook’

We are now hearing of users having issues download passbook. When you click on the ‘download passbook’ option, you may experience a significant delay before receiving an error message in a popup window.– ” it says: Member passbook not available”. Personally, for me, this was a problem that I had previously experienced (i.e. that it’s not a brand new UAN account) However, it’s been inactive for about a month or so.

Another option is to do it over and again, as it could result from a load at the site of the EPFoservices. However, to truly get around the issue, we could use an an SMS-based system for checking the balance on epf. It is basically sending a text message “EPFOHO UAN ENG” to 7738299899 using your mobile number that you have registered and then you receive an sms to the number you registered with, containing your Pf balance info.


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