Olivier is summoned yet again to fight in episode 13 of The Eminence in Shadow titled, “A Duel for Annihilation.”

Delta goes completely feral as she annihilates all of the Archbishop’s clones with ease and utterly chaotic fighting patterns. He has no choice but to summon the ancient warrior even to have a chance.

Cid and Aurora wander through memories as they encounter a battlefield of corpses and despair, with a younger Aurora crying in the middle of them all. They must do whatever they can to proceed.

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Episode 14 Speculation

Olivier lands a clean stab into Cid’s body as both Aurora and the Archbishop take into certainty that it’s his loss. But it’s pretty clear from the final scene where he smiles that the actual victor is Cid, and we’ll see how he counters this attack next episode.

Eminence in Shadow Episode 14: Release Date, Speculations, Watch Online
Cid’s flaming eyes | Source: HIDIVE

The rest of the Shadow Garden has already exited the area and will likely not interfere in this current battle, which should be a clean fight in Cid’s favor. But the sword remains stuck in the floor, and it’s likely only Olivier can take it out.

Episode 14 of the The Eminence in Shadow anime has been released on Tuesday, Jan 04, 2022.

1. Is Episode 14 of The Eminence in Shadow on break this week?

No Episode 14 of The Eminence in Shadow is not on a break this week. The episode will be released on the above-stated date.

Recap of Episode 13

We continue the episode back at the completely white domain with the Archbishop showing his true and powerful warrior form, clad in armor and wielding a black sword; the rest of the group is separated.

Delta shows her full power as she takes apart clone by clone with ease, going completely feral in the process. Meanwhile, Aurora and Cid are walking through the darkness as their sense of perception, and direction is wholly misplaced.

They finally drop into a battlefield, littered with corpses and devoid of all hope. Treading over fallen soldiers, they encounter a massive crater with another young Aurora sobbing in the middle.

The current Aurora goes to kill her younger self when the corpses ambush her.

Eminence in Shadow Episode 14: Release Date, Speculations, Watch Online
Cid and Aurora meet her younger self again | Source: HIDIVE

The Sanctuary rejects them, and Cid decides to wield the sword himself. Epsilon and her squad wander around, separated from the others. They come across a zombie-like being who charges at Epsilon but passes through in a flash of light and disappears.

They take pictures of the memories to take them back, and the slime starts malfunctioning. Aurora and Cid take out all the zombies back at the battlefield with brute force and ease. He kills the younger Aurora, and the memory comes to an end.

Eminence in Shadow Episode 14: Release Date, Speculations, Watch Online
Cid goes to kill the young Aurora | Source: HIDIVE

With that, they reach the center of the Sanctuary. Meanwhile, Delta is going completely rabid on the Archbishop, and all his clones are being slaughtered.

At the center of the Sanctuary, we see a holy sword stuck on the floor. It can only be drawn by the chosen one, and Cid is not one of them. The Archbishop’s domain has broken, and he summons Olivier from the statue.

She appears in response, and Alpha also reunites with Epsilon’s squad. They make a quick exit through the magic door, and Olivier and the Archbishop plan their next steps.

Eminence in Shadow Episode 14: Release Date, Speculations, Watch Online
Beta and the rest of the group make an exit | Source: HIDIVE

Aurora and Cid talk about what’ll happen once they destroy the core since she would disappear or be set free, as she likes to say. The Archbishop and Olivier reach the center of the Sanctuary and come across our protagonist.

Olivier is ordered to kill them, and she unsheaths her sword and teleports in quick movements that can’t even be seen. Cid smiles in response to her swift slashes and also takes a hit to his shoulder.

Eminence in Shadow Episode 14: Release Date, Speculations, Watch Online
Cid fights Olivier | Source: HIDIVE

Aurora tries to convince Cid to stop fighting her, as there is no way he could ever win, and she begs him to forfeit. Cid takes offense at the fact that they all think he will lose this battle as Olivier teleports to him and stabs him, but as his eyes light up in flames, we find that it’s not his loss yet.

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About The Eminence in Shadow

The Eminence in Shadow, a manga by Daisuke Aizawa, started serialization in 2018. It is scheduled to receive an anime in October 2022.

Cid, the protagonist, is obsessed with becoming a hidden mastermind. Being reincarnated in an isekai world gives him the chance to act on his wishes and build up his power beyond the notice of people.

After rescuing an elf, he forms a squad who are supposed to fight the Diabolos cult which is just a figment of his imagination. However, the cult turns out to be true and now he actually has an enemy to face.

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