Doomed Intel Meteor Lake desktop MTL-S CPU reportedly coming as a mobile MTL-P SKU alongside 64 EU GT1 iGPU
Intel Meteor Lake desktop (MTL-S) was purported to be using the LGA 1851 socket. (Source: Intel)
Intel Meteor Lake desktop (MTL-S) was purported to be using the LGA 1851 socket. (Source: Intel)

After reports about Intel’s 14th gen Meteor Lake desktop’s troubled development, leaker OneRaichu now claims that the desktop MTL-S SKU has been canned in favor of a notebook MTL-P configuration. The leaker also shared some details about Meteor Lake’s integrated GT1 iGPU.

Intel’s upcoming 14th gen Meteor Lake processors are scheduled to break cover sometime in Q4 2023. So far, leaks have alleged that the development of the desktop Meteor Lake CPUs (MTL-S) is not proceeding according to plan resulting in the cancellation of the flagship 24-core (8 P-cores + 16 E-cores) and 22-core (8 P-cores + 16 E-cores) SKUs. It was also rumored that the 14-core (6 P-cores + 8 E-cores) mobile configuration could serve as the top MTL-S desktop chip.

Additionally, leaker OneRaichu reported earlier this month that Intel is shooting for a 1.5x+ efficiency target for Meteor Lake vs Raptor Lake. Now, the leaker suggests that desktop MTL-S has been canceled and the MTL-S will see the light of day as a mobile SKU.

Per the leaker, the “MTL-S product exists” in the form of a mobile MTL-P chip. The core count will apparently remain the same as the rumored 14 cores (6 Redwood Cove P-cores + 8 Crestmont E-cores) and the configuration will reportedly be featured in “mid/low-end” chips possibly the Core i5/i7 SKUs.

Furthermore, OneRaichu also alleges that the GT1 iGPU of the MTL-S will feature 64 Execution Units (EU). Previously, the leaker reported that the 128 EU MTL-S iGPU will be 2x faster than the 96 EU Iris Xe iGPU. So, we can also expect the 64 EU GT1 to bring some noticeable performance uplifts over the current Iris Xe graphics.

Finally, assuming Intel has scrapped Meteor Lake desktop CPUs, we won’t be seeing any new generation Intel processors until possibly H2 2024 which is when the 15th gen Arrow Lake chips are slated to arrive. Whatever the case ends up being, just be sure to take the report with caution as we may see MTL-S SKUs after all.

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