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How to Fix Disney Plus Error code 83

Error codes is a very stressful experience, especially when you’re trying to watch your favourite show, or simply keep your children entertained. This is the case with Disney Plus ‘Error Code 83 also.

The best part is that error codes are standard and usually indicate a specific issue that (usually) is easy to solution. So, it is possible to sort it out quickly using an instruction such as this.

And , luckily, Error Code 83 is one of the most frequently encountered error codes on Disney Plus – likely to be fixed with an coming update patch.

However, for now, take these steps to resolve the issue that you are experiencing. If everything goes as planned, you’ll be able to then go back to your favourite shows.

What is Error Code 83 Mean?

As we have mentioned, many error codes are referred to as a system to help you figure out what exactly the error code signifies.

Disney Plus Error code 83 signifies that Disney thinks that you’re using an uncompatible device. Also, Disney thinks you are trying to connect to an unsupported device to run the Disney application on it to stream television.

This is an error, but how do you get using the Disney application if you have an uncompatible device? It’s likely an anti-piracy move from the security department of Disney trying to stop people who want to steal Disney’s streaming services and then reproduce the content online in order to make money from the content.

The most likely scenario is that wires were crossing and then a bug occured (the application thinks you’re pirated on another device, but it’s not). Therefore, it is likely that it will be corrected with the form of a update to the software update.

General Disney+ Troubleshooting Tips

  • Examine your internet speed on any device that you’re on (if you’re experiencing slower than five Mbps this could be the cause of your problem).
  • Connect your Wi-Fi or mobile connectivity from any device that you are using, take 30-60 seconds, before reconnecting. Sometimes, all you need to do is to refresh your connection.
  • Reset your Wi-Fi modem.
  • Be sure to check for any updates that might be available to the application.
  • Remove your cache, and delete any data.
  • Close the app and then reopen it Also, try leaving Disney+ on all devices and then sign back in.
  • You can delete your Disney+ app and re-download it from the app store. Then, log back in.
  • Test Disney+ on a separate device that is compatible or a web browser.

Make Sure You Check If Disney Plus is Working

Make sure that you can determine if the Disney Plus service is working or it isn’t. There’s a good chance that the overall service could be experiencing issues or downtime. Try connecting with an alternative account or using an alternative browser. In the event that you find your service to be unavailable and you are waiting for it to restore, be patient until it is restored.

Verify If Your Device is Compatible

If it’s no the service that’s down, you must determine whether your gadget is compliant with this service. You can look up through the Disney Plus device compatibility list to determine if your device is on the list.

Verify Your Internet Browser

If your device is listed on the list, make sure to make sure to check your internet browser, whether it’s suitable for Disney Plus or not. Disney+ is compatible with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer on Windows, Safari, Firefox on macOS along with Chrome for Chrome OS.

If you’re using other browser, it could be the reason you’re getting Disney Error Code 83. If you’re using a browser suitable for Disney Plus and still getting the error message, you can follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

Start Disney Plus and Your Device

There’s a saying that goes along with it: “Turn it off and back on again.” It’s still one of the most effective solutions to troubleshooting you can get.

First, you must shut off Disney Plus. Here’s how:

  • On a gaming console or other streaming device, simply shut down the application.
  • On a smartphone take a swipe from the lowest point of the screen to display the list of apps running and then move Disney Plus off the screen.
  • On a computer, exit your web browser.

After that, you can open Disney Plus again and start watching something.

If it doesn’t work you must turn the device off and then turn it back to its original position.

After that, if using a phone or gaming console or streaming device, remove Disney Plus and re-download it.

Verify your internet connection speed and speed. If you find that your Internet connection is slow or doesn’t have enough speed it won’t allow you to stream videos on Disney Plus. Its Disney Plus internet speed guidelines will provide you with a rough idea of the speed you’ll need. You can test the speed of your internet or use speed test websites to see whether it’s enough to stream content on the service.

Try a different Account. The reason behind Error Code 83 at Disney can be that the error could be due to account issues. Our efforts to date have been focused on fixing software, however even if none of the other solutions have resulted in a solution, then the issue lies with your account. Try logging in using another account that you are confident is working. If you’re able to do that and still don’t see Error Code 83 The issue is your account. Review your billing details and your subscription status, and get in touch with Disney Plus support if needed.


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