Denji offers a starfish to Asa in chapter 115 of Chainsaw Man, titled “High Schoolers These Days.”

We saw some development in the relationship between Asa and Denji. The chapter was really short, but Fujimoto still managed to give us some questions to ponder.

The existence of Death Devil was confirmed in this chapter. Hirofumi mentioned the devil while talking to Denji. The theory of Haruka being the fake Chainsaw Man was proved wrong as the start on his chest is just something he implanted on his chest, and he himself is a huge fan of Chainsaw Man.

Here bring you the latest updates.

Asa and Denji will slowly develop something out of their relationship in chapter 116 of Chainsaw Man. They are slowly growing closer, and as speculated, getting trapped was a way to develop their relationship.

Hirofumi might have some connection with the Death Devil. At least they will still be trapped in the aquarium for the next two to three chapters. It’s still a mystery how they will get out. Let’s see what plan they will come up with in the next chapter.

2. Chapter 116 Release Date

Chapter 116 of the Chainsaw Man manga will be released on Wednesday, Jan 04, 2023. The chapter title has not been leaked yet.

I. Is Chainsaw Man on Break This Week?

No, Chainsaw Man is not on break this week. The chapter will be released as per schedule.

3. Chapter 116 Raw Scans, Leaks

Raw scans of Chapter 116 of Chainsaw Man have not been released yet. The raw scans surface one or two days before the chapter’s release, so be sure to come back and check.

4. Where to Read Chainsaw Man?

5. Chapter 115 Recap

Asa is lying down in the aquarium. Their situation in there is not very good. She tells Haruka to get them out of there as he is the Chainsaw Man. Haruka starts laughing and tells her that he is not the Chainsaw man.

He tells her that the doctor implanted the starter as he is the biggest fan of Chainsaw Man. He starts calling out to Chainsaw Man to come and help them. Hirofumi takes out his phone and shows it to Denji.

Denji isn’t able to do anything as he can’t find where the devil is located. Hirofumi can’t call anyone as they can’t find a signal, and time has stopped inside the aquarium.

Everyone has given up on coming out alive. Hirofumi asks Denji an interesting question: Can the Chainsaw Man kill the Death Devil? Denji has no answer to the question.

He asks Asa to eat something, but she starts mumbling to herself how she wanted to make Denji her weapon, but now she doesn’t even know what is right or wrong.

She starts thinking about how much of a total bore she is. Denji sits in front of her (inside the aquarium) and offers her a starfish, ignoring all of Asa’s monologue.

6. About Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man is a manga series by Tatsuki Fujimoto that was serialized from December 2018-2020 and returned in July 2022 with a second part. The series also received an anime series by MAPPA.

The manga’s plot revolves around Denji, an orphaned boy who has to work as a devil hunter to make a living and pay off his father’s debt.

However, his pet devil, Pochita is killed on a mission. Denji wakes up to realize he and Pochita have become a single being, Chainsaw Man. If he does not want to get killed, he has to join the government and continue hunting demons.

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