Cam’ron has been exposing his full repertoire of skills as of late, and recently showed off his tap dancing abilities for the world. The 46-year-old shared footage of him battling Mendeecees Harris on Instagram earlier this week.

The video, posted on Wednesday (Jan. 11), shows the Harlem rappers dressed to the nines at a fancy event. The reality TV star kicked things off before Killa Cam got into the mix, and was the showman he has always been known to be. He held his jacket in one arm and tapped passionately before flinging it across the room.

As the “Touch It Or Not” rapper finished, Harris took another turn while his opponent looked unimpressed. Finally, the Dipset member came back and got closer to the Love & Hip Hop actor as the video finished.

“Let’s get it then ni**a!!” Cam’ron wrote in the caption. “Killa Vs @mendeecees and @yandysmith Jan 23.”

Yandy Smith does not appear in the preview, but the text on the video says the whole battle will be released on Jan. 23 so viewers may be able to see what she can do in the tap dancing arena then.

Evidently, Cam’ron is not new to tap dancing at all. Popular podcasters ItsTheReal shared footage from their Dec. 12, 2019 interview with the Come Home With Me rapper where he talks about everything he was involved in as a child. “I went to a lot of plays downtown,” Cam said. “I participated in a lot of plays, did gymnastics, I tap danced. My mom had me in a lot of different activities.”

Some of his recent activities include his talk show It Is What It Is where he has offered critique on Brooklyn Nets player Ben Simmons and ridiculed former NBA player Ben Gordon’s knitting needle attacks.

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