You can customize your Android web-browsing experience with the best Android browsers, just like the best Android smartphones allow you to fine-tune how your home screen looks and feels.

Android12 is now widely available. This is an excellent time to change your default browser to one that’s more private or quicker. It might be possible to have a better browsing experience.

Google Chrome remains our favorite Android browser. Other browsers place more emphasis on speed and privacy, while others focus more on readability. A few even offer VPN-like proxy services.

These Android browsers include Chrome and many others, such as syncing with the desktop version to transfer open tabs to mobile devices. Password managers can be used to increase account security. There is also a dark mode/night mode that is useful for nighttime and other low-light situations.

There is an Android browser that suits your preferences and needs. These are the top Android browsers that we have had the opportunity to use and test.


While most web browsers now use the Blink browser engine which is part of the Chromium project, Chrome, Firefox still uses its original engine, Gecko. If you are looking for an alternative to Chrome, this makes Firefox a great choice. Firefox is fast and covers all the essentials. Firefox also offers features that aren’t available in other mobile browsers.

Firefox on Android’s add-ons support is one of its key strengths. Although not all addons are available in the mobile version, there is a small selection of recommended ones. Firefox protects your privacy by offering features that prevent ad tracking or fingerprinting. The browser supports sync so that you can keep your bookmarks, passwords and history synced across different platforms. Lastly, it’s open-source.

Firefox Fast & Private Browser

Developer: Mozilla

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Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet has been a popular replacement for Google’s Android app. It has a large following, even among non-Samsung customers. It is based on Blink’s browser engine so it’s fast and fluid. It also supports ad blocking, and comes with all the essentials. The add-on must be downloaded from Google Play, as it is a new app. This can be a bit of a hassle.

You can change the appearance of your browser, as well as sync bookmarks, saved webpages, and other information to your Samsung account. Samsung has added support for blocking fingerprinting in browsers.

Samsung Internet Browser

Developer: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Brave, an open-source web browser, is based on the Chromium Project and uses the Blink browser engine. It focuses on privacy and blocks trackers and ads. The browser’s other highlights include BAT (Basic Attention Tokens). Brave lets users run optional ads to earn BATs. It is a cryptocurrency users can tip verified creators online, or keep for themselves.

Other features include background video playback and sync support. You can also remove elements from the default browser UI if you don’t want them.

Brave Personal Browser

Developer: Brave Software

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Opera Mini

Opera Mini should be your browser if you are in an area with limited connectivity or high-end data plans. It is lightweight and can save up to 90% data. It also includes an integrated ad blocker as well as an offline file-sharing utility. The file-sharing tool allows you to quickly share files with family and friends.

Opera Mini also includes a media downloader. This automatically highlights any downloadable music and video files on a website, and allows you to download them from the background. It is most popular in Asian and African markets.

Opera Mini – fast web browser

Developer: Opera

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DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuckGo Privacy browser, as its name implies, is a web browser that protects user privacy and allows you to take control. Although the browser doesn’t have many features, you don’t use it for any extra bells or whistles. It blocks third-party trackers automatically and asks websites participating to stop sharing personal data.

A browser gives websites a score according to their security and privacy practices. It also shows how much they were able increase that score. You can also use the handy button to delete all of your browsing data with one click.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

Developer: DuckDuckGo

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Vivaldi , a browser that is relatively new on the market, is Vivaldi . It still packs many features and has almost everything you need. There’s an integrated ad- and tracker blocker, support to write notes while browsing, dark mode, QR code scanner and sync support. You can customize the browser to your liking, take full-page screenshots, translate websites, and even change the language.

It also uses the Chromium browser engine and is based on it. Mobile browsers are still lacking support for add-ons.

Vivaldi: Private Browser

Developer: Vivaldi Technologies

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Kiwi Browser

Kiwi browser was developed by Arnaud42 a senior member of XDA. It was the first Android browser that supported desktop Chrome extensions. It is open-source, has an ad blocker and cryptojacking protection. Dark mode and background video playback are also available. It also blocks intrusive trackers automatically and lets you move the address bar to a lower position for more convenient access.

You can also choose a folder that you want to save downloads or block unwanted notifications. Kiwi lets you export your bookmarks for use on a new device. It was not updated in a while, making people question its viability. However, it is now getting updates.

Kiwi Browser – Fast & Quiet

Developer: Geometry. OU

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Google Chrome


We must give credit to the most widely used Android browser. Many people already have it pre-installed and just continue to use it. It’s perfectly normal to do this. It supports syncing with Google Chrome desktop, the latest Material Design, unlimited browsing, deeper integration with Android and many other features that are useful for both basic and advanced browsing.

There are four Chrome browsers. You can choose from the Chrome Beta, Chrome Dev and regular Google Chrome browsers. You are free to choose at your own risk. Google Chrome is almost always up-to-date with Android features faster than other browsers.


Lynket (formerly Chromer

Price:Free/ $4.54

Lynket is a unique tool. You can open web links from any Chrome Custom Tabs app, even if it doesn’t support Chrome Custom Tabs natively. The app also includes Web Heads similar to Flynx and the older Brave Browser. This browser is unique because it has both Chrome Custom Tabs (and Web Heads) as its two-punch. It is best for multitaskers, frequent browsers, people who love Chrome Custom Tabs.


Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Edge is a decent mobile web browser. In terms of functionality, it is comparable to Firefox and Chrome. If you wish, you can sync bookmarks, passwords, and history. You can also continue browsing from your mobile device to the desktop version. This was the original browser by Microsoft. The company has now switched to a Chromium basis so that it functions a lot like Chrome, with some minor UI changes. You also use a Microsoft account for synchronization instead of a Google one. It’s possible to go either way.


Opera’s browsers


Joe Hindy/Android Authority

Opera offers several Android browsers. Opera Browser ( Google Play) is the company’s flagship browser. It supports cross-device sync with the desktop version, multiple platforms support, autofill and a native Adblocker. Opera Touch is next (linked at below), a mobile browser that offers modern features such as tracker blocking or ad-blocking. Opera Mini ( Google Play) is the third browser. This lighter browser can save as much as 90% of your data. You can also use it offline to read and block ads. Opera GX ( Google Play) is a gaming browser. It includes many of the same features, but also has theming, syncing between mobile and desktop versions, and much more. You can choose from any one of the four browsers, depending on what you prefer.

Tor Browser

Tor Browser is the most secure browser. It prevents third-party trackers following you. It is one the most trusted browsers on Android that offers encryption and security. This app allows you to access blocked websites.


  • Websites that have been blocked by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can be accessed freely
  • It can decrypt data automatically at the client-side.
  • The Browser allows websites to remain anonymous, as well as servers.
  • You can perform tasks without disclosing the source IP.


Phoenix Browser

Phoenix Browser is an Android web app that’s free. It provides quick video downloading and a WhatsApp status-saver plugin. It offers fast browsing and downloading.


It supports incognito browsing.

  • This app allows you to easily manage images, videos, as well as documents.
  • It can block popups as well as annoying ads.
  • Phoenix Browser supports bookmarking.
  • It is possible to create shortcuts for websites.
  • This tool provides quick access to websites via speed dial.


Aloha Browser Turbo

Aloha offers privacy and security at its best. It is fast, free, and full-featured. It’s one of the most popular Android browsers that offers free VPN and allows you to block ads.


  • You can keep your browser tab private.
  • It allows you to download and manage files.
  • This browser allows you to view VR videos.
  • You can keep your files securely encrypted.


Aloha Browser Turbo – private Browser + Free VPN

Aloha Browser Turbo offers Virtual Private Network services. This tool can block popups and advertisements. This tool helps to protect your files and keep them encrypted from others.


  • VR videos can be viewed from your browser.
  • You can lock tabs private with a passcode or fingerprint.
  • Video clips can be saved directly from the media player.
  • This app allows you to easily transfer files between your computer, device, and laptop over Wi-Fi.