Best Lock Screen Apps : How to Setup This

The lock screens for stock Android and skinned versions of Android have changed significantly over the years. The stock Android lock screen is simple and only contains the essential features. However, skinned...
Best Lock Screen Apps : How to Setup This

The lock screens for stock Android and skinned versions of Android have changed significantly over the years. The stock Android lock screen is simple and only contains the essential features.

However, skinned interfaces like Xiaomi’s MIUI or Huawei’s EMUI allow users to customize the lock screen with a collection of wallpapers. You can customize the lock screen on these two versions, but you cannot change the settings.

If you need more options, there are many third-party apps that you can use to make your lock screen even more customizable. We have compiled a list of the top 10 Android lock screen replacement apps that you can use in 2020.

Not all lock screen replacement apps will work with Android’s default lock screen. So, you can first disable the default lock options on your device by going to Settings->Security->Screen Lock and then select “None”.


Solo Locker

Solo Locker is a lock screen app with lots of features. Users love the wide variety of wallpapers available. This lock screen app allows users to access a wide variety of wallpapers. This wallpaper includes animals, flowers, and festivals as well as landscapes, lifestyles, and many other categories.

You can choose from a pin, password, or pattern. The app’s image circle is what draws attention. You can select your image to appear for every circle connecting them. Personalization is a ten-to-ten ratio. You can adjust the blur amount and wallpaper to achieve a higher level of customization.


Ava Lock Screen

If you don’t mind ads being displayed on your lock screen, Ava Lock Screen is a great lock screen app. It is minimalistic in design. This app allows for customization and a decent lock screen. It is very similar to iOS or Android lock screens.

The app allows you to easily integrate widgets and other apps. Swiping right every time will display an app to access. The lock screen theme and style can be customized by users. You can change the layout of the clock or pick a better aesthetic for your app. This lock screen app, like Solo Locker, offers blur-level customization of wallpapers.


Always On AMOLED

AMOLED is a premium display option that can be found in modern smartphones. You will find amazing features in Always on AMOLED, an app for lock screens that is highly requested. It works well on One Plus 7T. The app has never had compatibility issues.



The app is well-known for its ability to manage notifications more efficiently. The interface is intuitive for users who are looking for a minimalist lock screen app. You can jump directly to the app from the lock screens. Even with a low battery, this app will remain in active mode and display all notifications.

Activity mode offers vibrations when the phone is picked up or taken out of your pocket. Blocklisting apps on the lock screen, exceptional backgrounds, and low-priority notifications may be other features that you might like. Although customization isn’t as extensive as the apps above, it does offer decent options.

Semper is a combination of security and education. Every time you unlock your device, this lock screen app educates you. Vocabulary, a primary education app, is very useful for students. This lock screen interface is powered by Quizlet, a quiz-based learning platform.

This lock screen allows students to integrate their GK questions or trivia in order to learn new things. The app is great for learning, but the features are limited. The lock screen is not customizable and notifications are not available. This lock screen interface may not be very useful to business professionals.


KLCK Kustom Lock Screen Maker

This app is a complete SDK. The app allows you to customize and create your lock screen. It can also be used as a lock screen designer. There are two versions of the app, one free and one paid. To access the pro version, which includes many features, you will need to subscribe.

Everything on the lock screen can be customized. This includes font size, color, and text. This creator also allows you to add elements. For improved usability, you can integrate widgets and apps. The app allows you to upload your creations to the google play store. This app allows users to express their creativity.



Gesture Lock Screen

The app’s name is all that matters. This app allows users to unlock their phones with unique gestures. This app lets you create your own gestures and allows you to set them up for unlocking. The interface for the lock screen is very simple. Wallpapers are easy to install.

The app also offers tons of customization options. You can also change the unlock animation. You can also change the screen lock time or sound. Ads may be a problem. You can remove ads from the lock screen in paid versions. The free version displays ads. You can also select a gesture color to appear when drawing.




This lock screen app is simple and has some real customizing capabilities. This lock screen app is very standard and allows users to unlock their devices with a passcode, pin, or pattern. The best part is the possibility to change the lock screen. You can also add photos to the background

The blur-adjust function may be missed. It supports multiple widgets on your lock screen. You can add mini music players to the lock screen. To personalize the pattern dots you can add images to them. This app is great for those with minimal requirements. This app is great for users who don’t need to customize the lock screen.


Floatify, a popular lock screen application that can be used to replace the built-in customization, is a good alternative. The majority of the lock screen is fairly standard. You can expect a background with a watch face on top. The difference is that users can add weather notifications, notifications, and other data to their apps.

You can also add shortcuts to customize the footer of your lock screen. Most users love this feature. The lock screen allows you to turn on notifications by picking up your phone from the dock. This popular app hasn’t seen an update since 2017. This could pose security risks.



Lock Screen Widget

This lock screen app is quite innovative. The app is an alternative to the traditional lock screen. However, it doesn’t offer much in the way of change. You can add widgets to your lock screen, just like the initial android versions. You can only have one page on your lock screen, and you can swipe it to access other pages or apps. You can also remember your android 5.0 Lollipop settings using the app.

This app will ask you for administrator permissions. To make appearance changes, you can grant permissions. The widgets can include Google Maps, music player and radio as well as many clock widgets. You can also turn the device off using the app without having to press a physical button. To turn the device off, users can use the soft key located on the lock screen.


Black Hole-Lock screen

Black Hole-Lock Screen is a customizable replacement for Android’s lock screen.

This app allows you to add many features, such as a flashlight, music player, and notifications, to your lock screen.

Pattern Screen

This lock screen unlocks only with patterns, as the name implies. You can add personal images to the pattern dots using the app. There are many wallpaper and background options. You can choose from a variety of backgrounds and beautiful images to be used for your lock display. Users can resize and crop images to achieve perfection while customizing the background.

You can also add or remove widgets to the lock screen. You can add exceptional watches to your lock screen. Users also love the app’s low battery consumption. It is lightweight and uses less memory. The app also allows you to change the shape of the pattern dots from hearts, stars, or diamonds.


Door Lock Screen

This lock screen interface offers users door unlocking. It is simple and attractive. There are more than 15 door lock themes that can be used to unlock your phone. To unlock their phone, users must enter the passcode. You can unlock single or double doors with the door themes.

Although the concept is interesting, it can get tedious after a while as there are not many customization options. Information about intruders is another useful feature users will be able to access. The app secretly takes a photo with the front camera of an intruder and sends it to the user’s mailbox. It is very reasonable to protect your device from theft.


Gesture Lock Screen 2

As the name suggests, the app opens using gesture control. The app allows users to draw any gesture that unlocks the device. This includes numbers, letters, and signs as well as any personal marks. First, you can create a gesture. Then, it will be saved as your unlocking pattern.

Intruders can also be protected from your invisible gestures by using the feature of the invisible gesture. Anti-theft protection is provided by this app. It secretly clicks on the image of an intruder, and then sends it to you via email. You can customize your lock screen background with more than 2.5 million photos.



This app is quite unique and elegant. This app protects your phone as well as individual apps; you can also protect instant messaging apps, galleries and videos, and all other apps. HD wallpapers can be used to customize your lock screen. There are many HD wallpapers available, including 2D and 3-D.

These backgrounds are able to enjoy an immersive experience. The app offers anti-theft protection and allows you to track locations via social media. Mixing and matching backgrounds make personalization easier. You can also access music control and a camera from the lock screen.



Canyon Lock Screen

This app is highly customizable and offers many features. Smart launcher automatically disables your lock screen and deploys it. To unlock their phone, users can use a pin number or passcode. You can choose from a wide range of backgrounds to personalize your background pictures. You can also save background images from the camera roll and gallery.


AppLock-Smart Lock Screen

Super Locker is a lock screen interface that uses a dark theme. Its dark theme makes it appealing. The lock screen app also offers individual app protection. You can lock the gallery and protect it from family members and intruders. It is easy to customize the lock display.

App has thousands of wallpapers to suit your mood and preferences. The unlocking process for this app is varied. You can unlock it with pin, passcode, or pattern. This app allows you to manage your notifications based on priority. You can choose which notifications you want to see first. The app is small and uses very little battery.


Heart Lock Screen

This app gives your smartphone screen a fresh look. The lock screen interface displays only a few heart images as a background, just like the name. The mode for unlocking your phone is only possible with pins. There is no passcode or pattern unlocking.

You can also control which notifications appear on your screen. This app works just like a normal lock screen, but you can also answer or reject calls. It is simple and straightforward in design. You may be overwhelmed by the images of hearts.

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