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Secret Hack codes for Android Mobile Phones Hello friends! Today, I’ll share some secret hack codes for Android Mobile Phones. These Android codes can be used to hack Android mobile phones...

Secret Hack codes for Android Mobile Phones

Hello friends! Today, I’ll share some secret hack codes for Android Mobile Phones. These Android codes can be used to hack Android mobile phones and unlock the full potential of your phone.

To prevent misuse and exploit, secret hack codes are often hidden from users. Android is still a new platform, so there aren’t many Android hack codes. Today, I’ll share all the hack codes for Android phones that I have found. These codes have been tested on my Samsung Galaxy using Android OS version 2.2.2. These codes will work with all versions of Android OS.

All Information about Your Phone


This code can be used for interesting information about your battery and phone. The screen displays the following menus:

Telephone information

Information about battery (How to increase or prolong the life of your android phone’s battery)

Battery history

Statistics on usage

Factory data reset


This code can be used to reset factory data. This code will remove the following items:

Google account settings saved in your phone

Setting up system and application data

Applications downloaded

It will not remove:

Software for the current system and bundled applications

Files on SD cards, e.g. photos, music files, etc.

Notification: After entering this code, a prompt screen will appear asking you to select the “Reset Phone” button. This allows you to cancel the operation.

Format Android Phone


Before you enter this code, think about what you are doing. This code is used to format the factory. It will delete all settings and files, as well as the internal memory storage. It will also reinstall your phone’s firmware.

Notice: If you enter this code, you cannot cancel the operation until you have removed the battery from your phone.

Phone Camera Update


This code can be used to access information about your phone’s camera. These are the 4 menus it displays:

Image: Update camera firmware (Don’t do this).

Update camera firmware in SD card

Get camera firmware version

Update firmware

WARNING! Never use the first option. You will lose the ability to use your phone’s camera and will need to take it to a service center in order to reinstall the firmware.

End Call/Power


This is my favorite. This code can be used for changing the action of “End Call/Power”. If you press the button for too long, it will display a screen asking you whether you want to change the mode from silent, airplane, or power off.

This code will enable the button to turn off automatically without you having to choose an option. It saves you time and can be used to save some time.


This code is also important and can be used to verify that the device’s IMEI matches the one on the box. The IMEI is printed on most modern smartphones, but you can verify it using this code.

Open the dialer and enter the code. It will return the IMEI. This will also return the serial number of your Samsung Android device if you are doing this. This is especially important for security reasons, especially if the device is pre-owned.

*#0*# Activate General Test Mode

Is your Android phone not functioning properly? It’s understandable to be suspicious that a third party might have affected your Android phone. This code will be displayed on your Android device and will show you a variety of features including:

  • Touch testing.
  • Front cam.
  • LED.
  • Sub key.
  • Barcode emulator
  • Device version.
  • RGB testing
  • Test grip sensor.

This mode can be used to test specific features if you suspect that there has been root-level tampering. Each module can be independently tested, regardless of its version or the front cam.

232338 #*#* (Displays MAC Address)

Every device is assigned a unique Media Access Control address (also known as the MAC Address). It is important because it can be used for unique identification of a computer when it is connected to a network.

You can verify that the device is not MAC spoofing by looking at the MAC address.

*#3282*727336*#. (View System and Store Information)

This code allows you to view storage and system information. This code also allows you to view statistics about data usage. Although such data can’t be spoofed, it is possible to view statistics associated with data usage. This USSD code will give you accurate information about your Android device’s internal system and available storage.

This code will display any data consumed on the device on your screen.

*#67# Check Call Forwarding

This code will allow you to find out if your calls have been forwarded to another number. This code will tell you if call forwarding is enabled on your device. It’ll also reveal the number to which your calls are being sent. You’ll also be notified if calls are being forward to your number when it’s busy or if you reject a call.

This will be your carrier’s official voicemail system. You can also change this setting in your Android’s call settings.

*31# (Disable Caller ID)

This code can be used to disable caller ID.

You can re-enable caller identification by adding the code again. Each time you add the code, it will display a message telling you whether services are enabled or disabled.

34971539 (View information about the camera)

You can view detailed information about your camera using the last code in our list, such as the number of cameras and maximum zoom. Also, the firmware version. This code is useful for identifying any instances of camera firmware tampering, as mobile cameras often have multiple modules.

Service Mode


This code is used to enter service mode. You can perform various tests and modify settings in service mode.

Secret Bluetooth Hack Codes, GPS and WLAN for Android:

*#*#232339 #*#* 526 #*#* #*#* – WLAN Test (Use the “Menu” button to launch various tests

*#*#232338 #*#* Shows WiFi MAC address

*#*#1472365 #*#* GPS test

*#*#1575 #*#* Another GPS test

*#*#232331 #*#* Bluetooth Test

*#*#232337#*# – Shows Bluetooth device address

Codes to obtain Firmware version information:

*#*#4986*2650468#*#* – PDA, Phone, H/W, RFCallDate

*#*#1234 #*#*- PDA and Phone

*#*#1111#*#* – FTA SW Version

*#*#2222#*#* – FTA HW Version

*#*#44336#*#* – PDA, Phone, CSC, Build Time, Changelist number

Codes to Launch Different Factory Tests:

*#*#0283 #*#* Packet Loopback

*#*#0 LCD Test

*#*#0673 #*#* 0289 #*#* Melody test

*#*#0842 #*#* Device test (Vibration and BackLight tests)

*#*#2663#*#* – Touch screen version

*#*#2664 #*#* Touchscreen test

*#*#0588 #*#* Proximity sensor test

*#*#3264 #*#* RAM version


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