Technology has made finding something online so easy for us. Whether it’s finding a pair of shoes, a place, or a person, everything is possible online. One such platform that has information about people is ZabaSearch. This US-based search engine has information on many people.

You can find one’s name, address, contact number, etc from a single search. And, these pieces of information are available as long as someone wishes to keep their data on this platform. In this blog, our topic of discussion is ZabaSearch.

What is ZabaSearch?

In simple terms, ZabaSearch is a search engine. People can create a profile and input their information. Moreover, you can find names, addresses, contact details, age, and other information that they want to be available for the public. You can basically say that this site offers residential listings of people.

How does ZabaSearch Obtain Information?

As you can see in the previous section, this platform offers plenty of information about a person. So, the question is where does the information come from? Most of the information available on this platform is acquired from several sources.

The sources include public records, telephone directory, social media profiles, property records, Wikipedia (for famous people), personal blogs, etc. This platform never manipulates any information. 

Accordingly, all these pieces of information that you can find on ZabaSearch are not hosted by this platform. All this platform does is acquire information from other sources and provide them in one place.

Different Search Options of ZabaSearch

There are two types of search options you can find on this platform. One is free and the other one is paid. The free features include:

  1. Name search: Searching for someone’s name
  2. IP address search: Looking for an IP address using an email id
  3. Area code search: Get details based on 3-digit area code
  4. Zip code search: Using a zip code, you can find details
  5. Reverse phone lookup: Finding the owner of a phone number
  6. Advanced search: Finding details of someone using their name
  7. Message search: Finding someone who is trying to find you on the internet
  8. Top 25 search: Looking for the top 25 searches of the previous hour

The paid or premium searches include:

  1. Social Security number: Looking for a person’s Social Security number
  2. Reverse Call Number: This one is for looking for a person using their phone number
  3. Premium People Search: Searching about people by one single piece of information such as name, age, or location
  4. Background Check: This feature offers a history of a person of the past 20 years

How to Take your Information Down from ZabaSearch?

Having your information available on the internet might make you uncomfortable. And, there are sufficient reasons for that. So, you might wish to take your information down from this platform for personal reasons. If you wish to ban ZabaSearch from offering your information, there is something you can do.

As you might already know, this platform is supported by Intelius. So, what you need to do is –

  • First, visit the website
  • Then, look for the Opt-Out option
  • Now, you need to look for your listing
  • Once you find it, click on Select and Continue
  • After that, you will have to verify your email address
  • Finally, submit your request for taking down your information by choosing the Suppress My Data

Once you request for taking down your information, it will no longer be available. However, this won’t remove your information from other sites from where ZabaSearch acquired the data. Furthermore, you need to remember that every time there are some changes in your information, you need to remove it from this platform again.

Wrapping Up

ZabaSearch is a controversial platform, to begin with. While some people like this search engine for offering information on people, some absolutely detest it for privacy protection issues. Additionally, there have been several complaints and cases against this platform as well. Therefore, if you choose to use this platform, make sure to handle the information respectfully and responsibly.