Album Download Sites

Music is an integral part our lives. Music is, in the words of the old saying, the best part about life. With the internet’s rapid growth, it is possible to find...
Album Download Sites

Music is an integral part our lives. Music is, in the words of the old saying, the best part about life. With the internet’s rapid growth, it is possible to find many types of music on different websites. You can listen online to music and download MP3 albums to your phone or computer to enjoy it. This article will discuss the best places to get complete albums free of charge.

4K Youtube to MP3


Imagine being able to download a full channel/album/playlist off Youtube simply by “pasting” the URL! This is exactly what 4K Youtube to MP3 allows you do! You can copy the URL from your YouTube playlist and 4K will allow you to download the entire album in one click.

If you wish, you can also download individual tracks. Any link that you paste in 4K is converted into an MP3 file.

Unlimited albums can be downloaded at once No queuing up! Premium Youtube members have access to premium audio. It’s one of the easiest interfaces on the list.

You don’t need to limit your search only to Youtube. You don’t have to search only for Youtube.

Get a forever 100% free plan! You don’t need a credit card to get this plan!



iMusic is your music destination. In just a few clicks, you can search for your favourite music by artist, genre or category and then download the complete album.

iMusic’s interface is so easy to use that we ranked it among the top sites for downloading full albums free of charge. iMusic lets you download music from more than 3000 music sites including YouTube, Spotify and Pandora.

If you don’t receive a download link for any song you want, iMusic lets you record it using the built in recorder and then provides a link.

You can also transfer music between Apple devices and iTunes, Android devices and iTunes, as well as back up your iTunes library.

If you’re impressed by iMusic’s features, and want to buy it, be prepared to pay more because iMusic offers premium musical solutions! The trial version of iMusic can be used for the time you wish.



Jamendo is very popular among music lovers. If you enjoy listening to beautiful music, this site is for you.

Jamendo has you covered, no matter if you are looking to download full collections at no cost or expect to spill. Jamendo has over 37,000 music collection, so you can quickly choose the music you like and then download it in just few clicks.

Jamendo not only allows you to download music free of charge, but also opens doors to earning money through their business.

Jamendo offers music and inclining for different types of music!

Jamendo’s interface was designed by someone who found it hard to do. When you arrive at the landing page, you will see a Start button.

The music world will open when you click the Start button. Jamendo allows you to select any music and then download it by creating a Jamendo Record.

Website: serves more than 25,000,000 customers. was founded in 1997 and has served its clients since with music of all types. is well-known in the industry and has the largest data base. provides music from all classes, craftsmen and types. is a great site. music can be your soundtrack to your entire life.

This site doesn’t require you to sign up in order to download full albums or listen to them. This site is the best place to download complete albums.



BeeMP3 allows you to search and download all audio online. BeeMP3 is one of the most popular search engines for finding and downloading complete albums in any genre.

BeeMP3 lets you instantly download music, without the need to register. BeeMP3’s simple and intuitive design makes it easy for you to search for artists and songs.

The first page lists the top 20 songs and artists. It is easy to search for your favorite music and then download it.

Search alphabetically for your favorite songs and artists. To find your favorite music, you can also use the large search option on the home screen.

BeeMP3 ranks 4th among our top 10 websites to download full albums for free. It includes the following features: Listings of the top 100 songs, 100 songs, and 100 artists.



MP3juices provides a free mp3 search tool. You can easily download and listen to your favorite music. By entering the name of the artist or album into the search box, you can free download full-length albums. Press enter. The list of relevant results will then be displayed.

To download the file, click on the button. Click on play to play the video. It is very easy to use. It does not contain any ads, such as music download sites for premium musicians.

Convert audio from a video to an mp3 file. It is simple to convert. Just type “learn” in the search box, and hit enter. Click the enter button to begin the conversion process. MP3juices does not require you to create an Account. You can also use it to download mp3 album.

VideoProc- The Best Free Video and Audio Downloader


You can convert almost any audio/music to MP3, M4AAC or AC3, DTS, DTSHD without losing quality. VideoProc allows you to download videos from more than 1000 video sites. YouTube, Facebook, etc. Convert to over 420+ formats such as AVI, MP4, H264 to H265(HEVC), MKV and iPhone. H264 to H265 (HEVC), MKV or iPhone, GIF and MP4, AVI into YouTube & 3D To 2D.

You can even record live streams. This is an excellent tool for those who love live news, sports and games. This is my favourite destination for downloading, converting, and editing video audio at a rapid speed.



Audionautix is a music download site that provides a wide range of music to aid you in coordinating your thoughts.

Audionautix is an amazing site with a large collection of music and the latest stuff.

Audionautix allows you to download your favourite music by sorting it by tune type. Most melodies websites let you download music from any tune class.

Audionautix lets you choose the music that best suits your mood and requirements.

Audionautix offers a wide range of tune classes and a natural structure. It is a top-rated website for melodies.

Public Domain 4U


Public Domain 4U offers more than just a site that allows you to download complete albums free of charge. It’s a one-stop shop for music lovers.

Public Domain 4U has a huge music library you can use to find your favourite music and genres. You can also create playlists.

It is extremely user-friendly. This website will give you an idea how Public Domain 4U can be used to download your favorite music.

Public Domain 4U, as the name implies, is a website offering music free of charge and not for commercial purposes. The Public domain has music from almost all genres, including jazz, classical and instrumental.

You can download entire albums from Public Domain 4U for free. It also lists the 10 most-popular songs. PD4U might be right for you if you enjoy old-quality music.



Bandcamp is another popular website for music fans. Bandcamp was established in 2008 and gained popularity when artists started selling their albums through Bandcamp. Bandcamp allows artists to upload their music and set their own prices.

A small selection of music and albums are available for free download. You can buy music or an album to send as a gift. He can view lyrics and add albums on his wishlist.

Artists have the option to upload their music free of charge. Bandcamp will receive 15% of every sale. If the sale exceeds $5000, Bandcamp will take 10%

Bandcamp is an option for those who are willing to pay money. If you’re looking for album downloads free of charge, it will disappoint. Follow this link to download full albums free at Bandcamp or type free downloads in search box. You won’t be charged anything for the list of albums available.



Freesound allows you to download entire albums free of charge. Freesound isn’t the most popular site for downloading music but it offers many sounds from all genres.

It is very easy to use free sound. Freesound makes use of collaborative databases to provide music lovers with a variety of audio samples and snippets.

You can reuse Creative Common license material without any hassle, but only for personal use. Freesound is the best place to download audio snippets and recordings.

You can use Freesound for no cost, but you will need to sign up in order to receive your favourite stuff.


SoundClick allows you to buy, listen to, and even sell beats and albums. You can also access a huge library of artists and registered users. SoundClick’s interface has a modern and simple design. It is easy to find a song by using the quick search tools and genre classification. The appropriate items will have a download icon. Many albums are available for free download. Click on the icon to save a music song to your computer.



Stereokiller is available to give you a chance to get full collections from your favorite site.

Stereokiller is a highly organized, efficient Stereokiller who has around 50,761 tracks, a huge collection of 47,616 brands, and 12, 358 audits.

Stereo executioners has a collection of music classes including Hip-Hop and EMO. They also have no-nonsense music, so you can find any music that you require.

Stereokiller, unlike other music websites, is more like a music network. Here you can meet other similar invested people, have an honest discussion with them about your favorite music, and make friends with them.

Stereokiller’s free download section is accessible by clicking on the top menu. You can also explore this page to get full collections for free. You will love the site, I’m almost positive!

All of the websites mentioned above are functional and offer free music. It is assumed that you enjoyed our compilation. We’d love to hear from you if you have any suggestions for websites that should be included in this article.

If you found this article helpful, please share it with others to help them find their favorite album download websites.

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