5+ Best Android Apps For Blind & Visually Impaired User

Accessing basic information for people with visual impairments can be challenging. What can a nonsighted person do to find their way and determine the best route to take to reach...

Accessing basic information for people with visual impairments can be challenging. What can a nonsighted person do to find their way and determine the best route to take to reach their destination? Or, read a document in braille that isn’t available in braille Answer an email sent by a colleague? Technology is constantly innovating. Many apps are designed specifically to assist visually impaired people in everyday life.

A smartphone is a tool that has revolutionized their lives for 89% of them. Apps that are specifically designed for them or features that are easier to use make it possible to gain greater autonomy. People who are blind or visually impaired find it difficult and stressful to move around can now feel more tranquil.

Let’s take a look at the apps that visually impaired people use to have more control over their daily lives.


TapTapSee allows blind and visually impaired people to identify objects in their everyday lives with no need for assistance. You can use your iPhone camera to take photos at any angle. Then, the app will give you a description. You can also share the app and get an auto-focus notification. You can also have the last image ID repeated. You can also upload images from your camera roll to be identified and save them to your smartphone with the provided definitions.

iOS (Free)

Google Lookout

Google is the brand that you can trust to deliver reliable and useful innovations. uses your smartphone’s rear-facing cam to identify important items and report the relevant information. These could include exit signs, location of a toilet, nearby people, objects, or text in a book. Lookout’s spoken notifications can be used without much interaction to ensure that they are not distracting or in the way.

Get Google Lookout for Android Free Download

Seeing AI

The Seeing AI app allows you to use your smartphone’s rear camera to capture and describe the world around, making the everyday unseen a tangible experience. The app can identify text, objects, and people. Seeing AI can be used to accomplish multiple tasks that you are unable to do due to visual impairment.

Navigate to the Scene Preview channel. Double-tap the “Take Photo” button once you’re done. The app will then describe your surroundings. The “Close” button is located at the top of your screen. Below the description, you will find options to save the image or share it.

Download: Seeing AI for iOS (Free)


It is clear that accessibility is all about less. Supersense, another great piece of software that boosts confidence out and about despite minor flaws, is another example.

The app’s Object Explorer feature uses streaming video from your phone camera. There is no need to wait for images to upload and be analyzed.

If you are seated in a room and want to see what’s around you, open the Supersense app. Enable Object Explorer. The app will quickly identify furniture by slowly panning the phone. The identification takes place in real-time, which is very useful for quick glances around to help you find your way in unfamiliar rooms or offices.

iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

Be my eyes

Be My Eyes matches blind people with sighted volunteers to help them identify objects through a smartphone app or camera.

Be My Eyes is different from other apps in that it uses live video chat to communicate. Other apps require that you take a photograph. Blind people connect to others with sight by pointing their smartphone camera at objects and getting help seeing them. The app rings, a monotonous and droning sound until both sides are connected.

iOS (Free)

Text-to-Speech Engine.

Classic Text-To Speech is another great app that turns your Android phone into a reader. It is able to help blind people read ebooks and pdfs.

It can also read SMS, email, and caller names. It can speak 40 languages and 25 more.

This app also allows you to learn the correct pronunciation of words. This app has been downloaded by approximately 5 million people.

Classic Text to Speech Engine:

Magnifier Plus Flashlight.

It’s also a great Android app for people with visual impairments. It converts your phone’s camera into a magnifying lens.

This app makes it easy for visually impaired people to read small texts. It works with all Android versions, starting at 2.3.

This app has been downloaded by approximately 5 million people and received a rating on Google Play Store of 4.4.

Magnifier Plus Flashlight: Download.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant can also be activated via voice control. It has the same functionality and features as Siri. You can control your smartphone completely according to your needs, such as sending an email, setting an alarm, and managing your schedule.

Both Android as well iOS are available


This app provides information about public transportation and lists all available means of transportation. It also shows their routes, timetables, and other details.

The app also shows the user the names of stops on the bus, tram, or subway. This is especially important for visually impaired or blind people, when voice announcements can’t be activated.

Both Android as well iOS are available


This app was developed by Okeenea Digital. It is the first indoor navigation solution that allows people with visual impairments to navigate complex places such as universities and museums. Evelity functions like a GPS.

The app is compatible with TalkBack and VoiceOver. It provides audio instructions for visually impaired and blind people to help them move through the steps. People with disabilities are able to find the reception desk and the classroom easily without having to know the location in advance.

Evelity is currently being tested in New York City at the Jay Street MetroTech subway station!

This app can also be used to assist visually impaired persons in France: the Metro Network of Marseilles; the LUMA Foundation; and a Medical University in Lyon.

Both Android as well iOS are available


With MyMoveo, a mobile app developed by Okeenea Tech, we’re back on the topic of mobility. This app allows visually impaired or blind users to activate connected Accessible pedestrian Signals and aBeacon, allowing them to safely cross the street when the signal turns green.

The app can be used to activate audio beacons NAVIGUEO+ HiFI that can locate points of interest, such as entrances to public buildings or subway stations.

Update coming soon for Android as well as iOS


Aira is similar to Be My Eyes in that it connects nonsighted individuals with sighted people to assist them in various tasks, such as finding an airport gate.

This app is unique because the sighted users (called agents) are specially trained to assist visually impaired or blind users. They are called Explorers.

The app is free to download, but users will be charged for the various plans and services Aira offers. The cost of the app can vary depending on their preferences and needs.

Both Android as well iOS are available

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