20+ Instagram Tricks, Tips & Hacks

It is likely that you can get around and complete the basics well. But, when you take a look at everyone who is who is around, the others appear to...
20+ Instagram Tricks, Tips & Hacks

It is likely that you can get around and complete the basics well. But, when you take a look at everyone who is who is around, the others appear to be a lot more sophisticated. This article will take a look at some not-so-clear techniques and tips to help you gain an understanding of Instagram. This includes using the most effective Instagram analytics tools or creating better photos to increase engagement.

There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. social media platforms are always evolving and are sometimes difficult to navigate for the most experienced users. Don’t let this deter you from trying, even. There’s always time to take your time to learn and grow.

SUTTER ANY COMMENTS on your posts.

Are there any unsavory or unsuitable comment that someone posted on your blog that you’d like removed?

There’s no problem! All you need to do is press the speech bubble beneath the post, then swipe to the left of the comment, and then click on the trash-can icon.

You can also delete your comments on any blog post you like. Follow the same steps.


If you’ve ever thought of trying to organize your most popular posts according to a theme then you ought to consider making an album.

To begin, you must save other people’s photos and add them to your collections, click the bookmark icon under the post.

Go into your account. Over your photos will be an array of icons. Press the bookmark button to the left.

Select the Collections tab, then press the + icon in the upper right to create an entirely new collection. After naming the collection press Next and choose the images you have saved to be to be added into the collection. Continue to hit Next until you’re done.

PUT MULTIPLE images in a single post.

In the course of this year’s calendar, Instagram expanded their photo-uploading capabilities. You can now upload up to 10 photos in one post.

Begin with pressing the plus button like you normally make when creating your first post. After that, tap on the Select Multiple button on the right side, which appears to be two squares that are nearly overlapped.

After choosing the photos you like, click Next to select your filters then press Next to add captions before sending.


There are a variety of reasons to follow someone else on Instagram. The person you follow may be someone who follows you initially, a follower that shares interests, an influential influencer or a competitor company you’d like to monitor.

To be alerted whenever the account creates an update, go to their profile , and click on the gear symbol (or three dots if using Android) in the upper right corner of their page. Then, you’ll be presented with an array of options. Choose Turn On Notifications, and then you’re done.

You are able to access this feature via any post published by the account you’d like to follow. The same three dots will appear in the direction of your account’s username at top.

Allows you to manage multiple accounts using one device.

Do you have a separate account for your pet? Don’t worry about it and stand up for your puppy’s profile. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pet account , or an account for business you can create and manage it next to you personal accounts.

Here’s how:

In your profile, click on the gear symbol. To locate it on your Android device, you’ll be required to tap on the three horizontal lines that are located at the right-hand side on your display.

Scroll down to the bottom and then tap “Add Account.”

Create a second account with your username and password, and you’re ready.

To switch between the two profiles, press and hold your profile image in the navigation bar. This will show all accounts connected to it. You can switch to a different account by using the Settings page that was mentioned earlier. Check out what this screen appears as in the next Instagram feature below.

Check out all the blog posts you’ve liked.

Have you ever wanted to view the posts you’ve liked all in one location? All you need to do is access your profile, by clicking”Settings” and then click the “Settings” button in the upper right hand corner. It’s the gear icon on iPad and iPhone and the three dots for Android and then select “Account”, and finally “Posts You’ve Liked.”

To remove a post from the posts you’ve liked just go to the post, and then delect”Like,” then the “heart” icon below it. Be assured that the user won’t know that you’ve removed the post from your Likes.

Hide, delete or block comments you make on your posts.

Twitter could be a place with an almost “anything goes” culture of comments however, Instagram is yours. Instagram is your own domainit’s far easier to regulate who is saying what about your content. This is particularly important when you have your own business account.

To filter Comments with Keywords:

In Instagram’s Instagram Mobile app go through “Options” and select “Comments.” From there, you can select “Hide Inappropriate Comments” and even type in specific keywords you’d like Instagram to check in each comment.

To remove comments:

Touch the icon for speech bubbles beneath the comment you’d like erase, then swipe gently to the left of the text. Choose the garbage icon to remove this comment. You can do this with your personal comments.

to disable all comments:

To be clear, you cannot disable comments for your entire profile. You can disable them only for specific posts.

To begin, start posting an image to that you’d prefer no one to make a comment. Once you’ve reached the page that allows you to add caption, tag, and place, tap “Advanced Settings” at the end. The screen will appear that allows you to easily turn to an option that reads “Turn Off Commenting.”

Clean the history of your Instagram browsing history.

We’re sure that this blog post doesn’t talk about convincing that you’re not an Instagram creep. Many of us identify with the desire to erase our history of search activity everywhere, even the Instagram network. Luckily, you can.

To delete all of your Instagram searches, log into your profile, then select on the “Settings” button (a gear icon on iPad/iPhone as well as three dots for Android). Scroll down , and then select “Security”:

Select “Clear Search History” at the bottom of the screen and then confirm it by clicking the blue link “Clear Search History”.

Add an additional Instagram profile to the bio.

It is possible that your company has multiple Instagram account to represent different aspects of your business. For example, HubSpot has a verified HubSpot account as well as an account for HubSpot Life, a HubSpot Life account as well as HubSpot Academy, a HubSpot Academy account and an account for HubSpot Partners. HubSpot Partner account.

To bring attention back to its main page,, HubSpot links to the @HubSpot profile in its bios for other accounts similar to the @HubSpotLife account:

You are able to add an additional Instagram profile to Your Instagram bio. To do that, add”@ “@” sign into your Bio, then select the Instagram account you’d like to add. Then, click “Done”.

Include special fonts in your biography.

There’s the Instagram Bio hack which will really make your profile stand out. There’s already a way to add emojis to your bio underneath your profile picture, however the keyboard limit your imagination right there.

With a couple of simple third-party websites, you’ll be able to duplicate some unique fonts that aren’t usually found on social media sites like Instagram community. Here’s how.

You can add a font of your choice to your Instagram bio by using your smartphone by through a website such as the LingoJam. Go to the website on your phone, and type the text you want to use for your bio in the left hand field, then then you’ll be able to see the same bio with different fonts appearing to the right.

Copy the font of your choice onto you Instagram bio by pressing it, then selecting “Copy.” After that, you can open your Instagram application, go through your personal profile and choose “Edit Profile,” tap the “Bio” section and paste the font you want to use into the blank field.

to add a special Font to your Bio on Desktop:

If you’re creating your Instagram profile on your desktop or laptop, Font Space has a collection of fonts that you can download and paste into your bio in a matter of seconds. To do this, find one you like and choose “Download”

The font you download will create an icon on your desktop, where you can download the “.ttf” file that carries different variations of the font. After you have the font saved to your clipboard on your computer start your browser and connect to Instagram.com. Choose “Edit Profile” and paste the font you downloaded into your bio section. You can edit the sample bio included with your font and write your bio in the way you’d like.

Sort filters in order to put your preferred filters in the forefront.

If you are a frequent user of Instagram often, the most likely, you’ve got some of your most-loved filters and some you do not use. To help you edit photos more easily it is possible to reorder the filters you use in your editing area.

To change the order of filters, create the post to your new page and then begin editing it. Once you’re on the filter page, hold the button on a filter that you’d like to change, then drag it to the desired location.

Utilize Instagram to edit your photos (without posting anything).

Perhaps you’re a fan of Instagram’s editing and filters however you’re not quite ready to upload the image to your Instagram account in the present, or for that matter, ever. To utilize Instagram as an editing tool without having to post any content, all you have to do is post an image while your phone is in airplane mode.

Make sure that you’ve got “Save Original Photo” turned on in your Instagram settings.

Then, follow the standard procedure to upload a picture to Instagram upload the image then edit it and hit “Share.” A message with an error message will be displayed that says the upload was not successful, however, you’ll be able see the edited photo in the gallery of photos on your phone.

Incorporate line breaks in your biography and in the captions.

When you type captions on Instagram it will be apparent that the keyboard does not give you the option of pressing “Enter” or “Return.” This is also true with your bio. So , how do individuals put line breaks in the bio?

It is found that all you need to do is hit”123″. The “123” key in the lower left-hand corner of your keyboard, and then the “Return” key will appear in the lower right.

It’s true that this trick sounds straightforward but many of people aren’t aware of this step, myself included until a coworker sparked me on the trick. We’ve seen a number of complicated ways to hack around this issue, for instance, creating the caption in a different application and then copying and pasting it onto Instagram. The good news is that it’s much simpler than the above method.

Make your Instagram bio so that it appears on your Explore tab.

Your family and friends and your coworkers could be your first set that you have Instagram users, however increasing your following requires more than just the people whom you already trust. One method to do this is to have your profile on the Instagram Explore page.

Explore page Explore page, which is accessible by clicking this magnifying glasses icon that is shown in the above image, serves as a navigation page that categorizes the entire Instagram community by subject and keyword. They include “Fitness,” “Style,” “Science,” and many more.

Tag your posts on your posts with these keywords will expose your content to people who are browsing these subjects, but you could also include them in the description of your Instagram Bio and name to advertise your account.

For instance, if Jane Doe is a marketing consultant, for instance she may want to change the Instagram username “Jane Doe Marketing,” instead of “Jane Doe.” In your bio page, you could list all her specialties like “SEO,” “blogging,” “email marketing,” etc.

Send visitors to an external site.

One of the most common issues users have with the marketing process on Instagram is the fact that clickable URLs aren’t permitted anywhere , except for the single “website” box in your bio. If you include the URL in your photo caption, it’ll show as text in plain font, which means users must painstakingly duplicate the URL. then open an internet browser, then copy or paste it there.

A clever way to encourage users to check out your Instagram account and that’s where the one click URL can be found is to use your captions on your photos to invite people to browse your profile to find an URL. You can then update the URL often to link to the latest blog post or videos on YouTube, products or special offer.

Take a look at the sample from the food publication Bon Appetit below. The caption of this photo contains a call-to-action text that invites you to go to the profile of the user to follow the link to the article.

After that, on Bon Appetit‘s profile You’ll find the link. Make sure to update this link regularly so that it can show the latest offering or content.

If you also have an authentic Instagram profile, you may also include hyperlinks on your Story. Learn more regarding this function on this page.

Sell your products on Instagram by using Shoppable Posts.

You’ve probably already heard that you can include individuals on your Instagram posts whenever (or following) you publish new content. You can now tag products and send viewers to a product website to purchase the item they’ve seen.

To add an Instagram Business Account to an Instagram Business

You’ll require an Instagram Business account to publish products that are shoppable. You can obtain one by clicking “Edit Profile” on your Instagram profile and clicking “Try Instagram Business Tools,” as illustrated below.

To tag a post with Products

Once you’ve set up the Instagram business account, then you’ll have to allow product tags to be used the tags in posts which features the product. Go to your settings by clicking the gear icon on your profile page and choose “Products.” Select “Continue” and follow the instructions to connect an ” product catalog” to your profile.

With the product tags enabled with the Instagram Business account, you can upload your latest posts and tag your photos using products that you’ve found in your catalog of products. This is how a post that can be tagged as shoppable could appear like:

Create an auto-complete prompt for responses that are standard.

Responding to comments from users and inquiries is fast However there’s a way to make it easier and increase efficiency. (Note that this is only applicable to Instagram Business accounts.)

You can create a single word or phrase that will serve as a alternative to a more lengthy standard message that you could send regularly. To do this, simply click “Business” in your Settings followed by “Quick Replies” — or click the three-dot chat bubble icon at the right-bottom of the screen, and select “New Quick Reply”.

Create a shortcut that you can use to get the response. For example, you can enter “returnpolicy” as the shortcut for a more detailed reply, i.e. : “Hey there. We’re sorry you don’t love your purchase. Fortunately, we permit 30-day returns, no questions asked. Please send us your order confirmation number to get the process started.”

After you’ve created an shortcut, you can enter”returnpolicy” or “returnpolicy” into the comment box whenever you’d like it to generate automatically the response, or you can press the three-dot chat Quick Replies bubble icon at the bottom of your screen. You can then choose from the responses you’ve written.

Share Your Instagram article to Pinterest.

Instagram does not have a natural connection to a number of different social platforms (except Facebook, its parent company) to allow posting Instagram content for other platforms. networks.

With respect to Pinterest the two platforms that love images stick together. Here’s a option to Pin your most recent Instagram Story to Pinterest:

In Instagram, using the Instagram application for mobile, simply tap an image to view the full size, then tap the three dots at the right of the image’s top. Choose “Copy Share URL” to paste the link of the photo onto your clipboard.

Start your Pinterest mobile application or download it; you’ll require it to complete this stepthen go through your page. If you’ve got the latest version of Pinterest installed, it may ask you once you start the app if you’d like create the image using your clipboard.

If not, click instead the “+” icon to the right of the top to create a new pin. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see an option menu in which you can upload an “Copied Link” to a new pin or board on your profile.

Make Stories Highlights to tell Stories over the course of an entire day.

As with Snapchat the posts you make to your stories only last on for your followers to view for up to 24 hours. Sometimes, however, you may have a story that is worthy of more exposure to tell.

This is the place Stories Highlights comes in, the feature offered by Instagram which lets you keep stories all in the same place in your account page. If you’ve ever wondered why was that “New” button with the “+” icon was beneath your profile picture The following article will help you understand it.

To create the Stories Highlight click this New option and choose any of the stories from the past within your album:

Give the story a cover image and a title to show as an individual Instagram Story to your personal profile. You can also remove Stories Highlights at any time by holding and tapping the story.

The Reorder Instagram Stories highlights.

The Highlights you post on your Instagram feed serve as your brand’s portfolioYou can use them to showcase the values of your business, highlight new services or products or to categorize the different subjects you frequently post about.

For example, The North Face makes use of the Highlights section of its website to highlight the various initiatives that are crucial to the brand. This includes the sections titled “VOTE”, “Global Climbing Day 2020” and “Summer Basecamp”:

Since users will only be able to see the top four highlights the first time they visit your feed, it’s important to ensure that the first highlights are ones that you are most proud of. To achieve this, apply this method:

  1. Press the highlight you’d like to move towards the top of the list, and then click “Edit Highlight” when the slide-up is displayed.
  2. Find a second image or video that you’d like to include in the highlight.(Don’t worry , you’ll be able to remove the highlight in 30 seconds and you don’t have to select a picture or video that stays in highlights.)
  3. Simply click “Done” in the top right corner.
  4. The Highlight should appear first on the list.To take out the picture or video you’ve just added, follow the instructions , and then uncheck the image that you’ve added. Highlights will be placed at the start in your Highlight reel.

Make changes to your Instagram Highlights Icon , but don’t publish it to your feed.

The image you choose to use for each Highlight will accurately reflect the type of content people will see when they click the Highlight and you’ll need to select an appealing and engaging image.

If, however, you have a logo, design or image you’d like to incorporate but isn’t on the feed of your Instagram account, then it’s possible to use it as your Highlight Icon.

To accomplish this, simply select “Edit Highlight” (same as the steps above):

Then, next, click “Edit Cover”. Explore your camera roll until you find an image that you like.

After selecting the image you want to use from your roll After that, click “Done”. The Highlight cover image is now one that you haven’t posted to your Instagram account.

Posts are scheduled in advance.

Instagram as a mobile application so you’re probably already accustomed to snapping photos and uploading images to your Instagram Story as they happen. However, you are able to prepare them to post via your computer for the specific date or time later in the near future.

This feature is included in an app for scheduling social media, as well as HubSpot If it has the Instagram company account. If you already have this business profile, you can switch it through the Instagram mobile app and follow the steps for connecting the account to Facebook.

Depending on the scheduling tool you’re using, it may not be necessary to add this procedure. After you’ve switched to the correct account however, you’ll open your scheduling tool, go to your existing profiles, and you’ll see Instagram as an option to integrate.


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